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Are you a sheep?

Hi all,
Today, I saw this amazing message from Pastor Joseph Prince, and I was really inspired and encouraged.
In his sermon he asks this question, "Are you a sheep?" What he means if we are willing to let God lead us, and not try to do things ourselves. He also shows us through Jesus' words how important we are to God, and how much he cares about us as individuals.

In the past few weeks, maybe months God has been telling me to continually trust Him to direct me. Some days I do, and some days I try to figure out things on my own(those are the bad days). I also tell God "well if you want me to do this then let me know," and God responded I think for the first time in my life "Well if you want to do it let me know," lol!

God is awesome, He really does want to gives us our hearts desires especially if He knows our heart is focused on Him. So after asking once again for a definite Word from God, He gave me this verse and I want to share it with you "in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Psalms 56:11
So what I want to say is..
I'm tired of worrying, I'm tired of being afraid, God I just want to be Your little sheep!
God grant you favor,

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"The Original T.E.A." - Have you seen these yet?

Speaking of superhero comics I like, I want to mention Henry Chmielefski's 'O-TEA' series. Now available in a special edition (collecting issues 1&2) and the newly released part 3, this story is terrific! It starts out good, and keeps getting better as the pages fly by.

Well, take a look at the website, and see if you like what you see. This is a series that I plan to follow as long as I can, and I hope you will give it a chance.

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"Hand of the Morning Star"- my review

I seldom give superhero comics a chance, I will admit. This may eventually change, as I have been pleasantly surprised with most of the Christian Superheroes I did give a chance. Now, how do I choose which hero books I will read? Mostly, it depends on if I know anything about the creators at all. When I heard that Bud Rogers was involved in this book, I decided to give it a chance.

Here is my reaction. I think if you like superheroes, you will enjoy this excellent comic. This story is mostly about very human people struggling with their faiths and beliefs, struggles that manifest at times as exciting battles and daring rescues. I've always been afraid of books about big teams of heroes, worrying that the individual characters will be lost in the crowd, and that the book will be shallow and superficial. This is not the case with 'Hand of the Morning Star'.

The art really amazed me. It's a beautiful fusion between manga and western hero comics. Very nice! I was worried that Zondervan might be misleading folks by using the word manga in it's most general sense 'Comic' rather than the usual meaning among otaku as 'Japanese or Japanese style comics'. But I think manga fans will be very comfortable with the style of 'Hand of the Morning Star'.

I -like- the characters in this book. If you see it in the bookstore, thumb through it. You might be very pleasantly surprised, like I was:)

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talent searches !

i noticed several searches for comic artists going on right now.

for me it's bad timing. yeah marvel sounds great and others as well. i cant chase these things no more. maybe 10 years ago, before god and family.

i've fallen short on motivation. also i have a job that pays the bills, not as fun as drawing , but i'm blessed to support my family. insurance helps.

what i want, is to have a good comic with christian values out there. something to be a message, have purpose, and meaning.

i think everyone here wants that. but if we had to choose between the big boys and a little indy christian comic , what would we turn down?

i've met several professional artist that are christians, but they choose the big boys with dollars in hand, not the struggling indy with a message. they dont have the time for both. i pray that they will one day give the lord their firstfruits. because this industry is doing real damage to society.

i'm not high an mighty , i struggle to get things done. but we have him for strength.

well i gotta hit the hay. nite..

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Uploaded some artwork

I've been taking some time looking through everyone's art (looks great!) and then it hit me. I haven't put any artwork up, so I uploaded 24 images, ranging from pencil/ink to photomanipulation and even a couple of wallpapers. I'll see about getting some more up later. Let me know what you think.
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Portfolio Show Fall 2007!

Most of you know me to post the sites of my friend's and fellow student graduates portfolios once they're ready...because of their radically incredible (sometimes creepy though) artwork as well as a chance to promote the Art Institutes so that I may somday see your faces in real life alongside of me at this place...This was our schools biggest show yet! With the MAA graduates taking over an entire floor! So here are the links:


Andrew Chen -

Graham Fratzke -

Jana Johnson -

Denis Osmanbegovic -

Angela Prendergast -

Royce Moreno -

Eric Tom -

Willie Hoag -

Daniel Harvey -

Jared Skold -

Eduardo Campos -


King Hao Chen -

Eric Parsons -

Tony Papesh -

Adan Garcia -

Valerie Tuffy -

Ok, and one Graphic Designer, though I didn't feel there was much demand for the other degree programs around here:

Zachury Minjack -

See you all next Quarter!

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that I've created a comic for psalm 104 for "Selah" the psalm project through community comics. (a member here) If you would like to be part of the project just go to and once you've entered press the tab marked "Selah". It was a alot of fun and it gave me something more to practice on. If you want to see mine go to:
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Christian Comic Creators are Living Epistles...

Hi everyone. Actually, this isn't a mini-review of Robert Flores' "The Graphical Epistles of First John, James, & Jude". I hope to give you my impressions of the book soon, but I just wanted to tell you about my day as it relates to Christian comics. This morning I received an invite to be Ben Avery's 'Friend' here on the CCAS social network. I was eager to agree, I've heard of Ben many times through Alpha Omega AOans, and I was particularly moved by a dialog I read between he and Alec Stevens over at recently. I wanted to get to know Ben better, so I went to his page here and read about the SELAH project.

I decided I wanted to participate in SELAH, and opened my dusty Bible to Psalms. You know, they are pretty darn impressive...! It's probably the first time I've ever actually read most of them all the way through, and I probably only finished a couple dozen of them so far.

I never would've read the Psalms today, if not for Ben Avery and Community Comic's project. The passage that particularly stuck with me was where David says 'Let the righteous man rebuke me...I will accept shall be as oil on my head.' (Heavily paraphrased by me).

Now, this came into play this evening, when I opened Robert's 'The Graphical Epistles'. Frankly John, James, and Jude rebuked me. My flesh grew flustered, then ashamed, then it always had before. In this unclean mood, I began taking verses out of context out of fear and resentment. But...! Two things kept me reading. The first was David's saying 'Let the righteous man rebuke me...' Well? Did I believe that or not? The second was Robert Flores. I've only known Robert recently, and only through email. But he has been a great Christian brother, and while I grew angry at John, James, & Jude, I couldn't get mad at Robert. So I kept reading. And little by little, the Lord is working on my heart. I am beginning to see the Epistles in a new Light. I'm not out of the shadows yet, but I believe these verses will one day be very precious to me, and that they are words of Life, not of death. I will read 'The Graphical Epistles' again and again.

I'm not trying to embarrass these guys, but I must say that for me, I buy or read Christian comic books as much for the comic writers and artists as for the books themselves. You all are living Epistles to me. You enhance my reading experience, you win the right to share the Bible's hard truths with me, and some of you are becoming friends over the internet. And this is the power of your testimonies and the love you show your brothers and sisters; that you do draw us closer to the Lord Jesus and His perfect Bible.

Anyway, that's how my day as a Christian comic book hobbyist went today. May God bless you all:)
Gerry Lee

P.S. JCServant and Cyberlight Comics will be at Orlando Con doing the Lord's work this weekend. Please say a prayer for them, that God might use their faithfulness to do great works for His glory.

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PowerMark comics are now at

PowerMark Comics are now available for free download on Wowio at:

©2007 PowerMark Comcs

PowerMark is Captain Mark Chen, a professional soldier who joined the Alliance at the age of 17. He became the youngest officer ever to lead an Alpha force unit in the ongoing battle against Leviathan, a force of evil led by the Diviner who’s goal is to establish a new world, one that will be free from individual thought or expression. Protecting an orphanage from an attack by Leviathan, he was wounded in combat. Presently, Mark has been commissioned by the International Christian Coalition (I.C.C.) to lead a mission to create Virtual Reality Episodes (VRE) of the stories of the Bible. With his crew of kids and some really cool gadgets, PowerMark leads one of the most important missions ever…drawing youth back to faith in God and His Word!

PowerMark is written by Steve Benintendi with art by Steven Butler.

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Open Invitation to SELAH: The Psalms Project

Psalm 34:3. Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together.

Howdy everyone. I'm not sure if anyone will actually read this blog entry, but I wanted to make sure as many people as possible knew about this project that Community Comics is doing.

Has been doing, I should say.

For a while now.

It's called SELAH: The Psalms Project.

It's pretty simple and straight forward. Artists are encouraged to choose a Psalm. And then illustrate it.

Here's some GREAT examples of what we are looking for:

And here's a NOT as SKILLFUL example of what we're looking for:

Cute, huh?

Here's the deal -- the four examples I gave above come from some AMAZING artists. The final example comes from a NOT AMAZING artist.

Doesn't matter.

For this project, what matters is the heart more than the art.

For me, I drew that Psalm 40 when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Rather, I was just coming out of one. The panel where the hand has lifted the shaggy guy halfway out of the mud -- that's where I was in my life. And drawing that comic, I was able to look back at where I was and look forward to the promise of what was to come.

The challenge is for you to find a Psalm that connects with you. And then illustrate that connection.

Now, it doesn't have to be a full length, multi-page comic. Hale's Psalm 4 came with a cover! But here's a couple others:

These are all single panel or "fine art" pieces. And they are just as welcome. They are works of art inspired by the Psalms.

The main idea is that I want this to be a corporate act of worship. Comic book worship. Straight from the Psalms. Why should musicians get all the fun!?! They get to write songs and sing the Psalms! This is the artistic version of that.

The only limitations:

1) Be real.

2) Use the Psalm as the primary text. See the for "AMAZING" examples above. Also see this one:

3) Don't worry about format. Do what comes natural.

4) Don't worry about doing a Psalm someone else has already done.

5) Let yourself use this opportunity to worship our Lord in your art. Some of you already do this all the time, other of you find yourself struggling to do that. Whatever camp you fall in, use this opportunity.

So what are we going to do with this?

Well, there's a few different things.

First, the creation of a web database. I'd love to see it cover ALL 150 Psalms, some of them with multiple versions!

Second, when a significant number of Psalms have been collected, there will be a print version that Community Comics will publish. (The print version is going to be square -- so that both horizontal and vertical pages can be presented full size -- they'll just have borders. Works of "fine art" will be published with the relevant text, to give context.) (This also means hang on to print quality copies of the art!)

For more information, check out the official website here:

Psalm 34:3. Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together.

~ Ben Avery
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God Works in such wonderful and funny ways!

Well, I've been many things, from a Miner, Marine, Husband, Cop, Artist and Father, but with all those hats and more, I've been a sinner!

It took many times over for me to finally be brought down, God has such patients and is so forgiving, I don't deserve the blessings that I have in my life, so I thought. I don't deserve them for who I was but with the new me and my new Commitment to Christ and My Wife, I've embraced that fact that where I am is where God has me........for reasons I don't know or understand in my human thinking, but it will work for His good.

I am now part of a T.V. show, yep, a T.V. show. I wanted to share with you all who read this, and yes its a plug, but understand its also for me a wonder as to what God has me doing, or the direction He has me going in.

The Show is a Spanish bounty Hunter show, me and 3 other of the Officers (friends) I work with are on the show, so, if you got a moment and want to be entertained and get a good chuckle, then please by all means take up this invitation to view the premier episode this Thursday at 8:Pm on your Local Azteca-America T.V. Network channel...the channels vary in check for local listings.

I will keep strong in my commitments to God and Karen (my lovely wife), a buddy over in Iraq shipped over a new testament to me, kind of pocket sized and its come in handy on set....reading Romans again......good stuff.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, please lets talk, questions or even words of encouragement, but most of all for me I'd love it if you guys kept me in Prayer, I believe that this is where I am in the big plan, I am getting back into comics, artwork and all the fun with that so who knows, maybe this is my time for exit stage left as a Police Officer (after doing it for almost 15 years) and be part of a bigger plan that allows me to give back with a vengence.

Thanks and Blessings to all....

talk to me after the commercial break....

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The Amazing Gospel

Here is the first in a series of weekly reviews of
current Christian comics by Steve MacDonald
and myself.

The Amazing Gospel, Published by Crosswind
Comics, A Ministry of Crosswind Comics,
PO Box 1118, Independence, MO 64051

This is simply one of the very best recent Bible
adaptation comics to be published. The Amazing Gospel is an excellent adaptation of the life of Christ as
presented in the Gospel of Luke and it is also very
good comics. Writer Daniel Schwabauer deftly and
faithfully weaves the story and carefully selects Biblical accounts for maximum impact.

Gabriel Valleʼs pencils compliments Schwabauerʼs
script perfectly. Valleʼs facial studies are warm and
very human and he also excels in figure work with
appropriate backgrounds. The Jesus portrayed here is very human but this is also the divine miracle worker and crucified and risen Son of God. The panel/page
layout shows a lot of visual variety, smooth transitions from scene to scene, excellent composition and
an superb sense of drama. The colorists Joel Chua
and Carrol Schwabauer do a masterful job in using
computerized comic book color for full effect. Many
secular comics have a tendency to make the color too dark so the effect is to produce a dingy and depressive atmosphere. Chua and Schwabauer know when to
alternate the color scheme for bright daytime scenes, night scenes and times of high drama. This comic
stands as a primer for top notch contemporary graphic story telling.

This full size, 48 page comic book ends with an
evangelistic invitation and prayer. This is a great
presentation of the life of Christ which challenges its readers to make a decision to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. This comic is being translated into other language andprayerfully will be a great tool for presenting the saving message of our Lord to those around us and also to
those half way around the world.

(Review by Don Ensign)

Crosswind Comics

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The Last Witness & Amazon Shorts

I've just been accepted into the Amazon Shorts program. That means morestories, so if you want to sample my work, it will only cost you 49cents!

My first short will be WAR IN HEAVEN, a story from the histories of The Last Witness.

More shorts will quickly follow:

FATHER TO SON: Gerah Maugaine's first appearance
ABUNAI ASCENDANT: The origin of everyone's favorite Japanese bad girl
BOUNTY HUNTER: Ironwolf on his first mission

It takes 3-4 weeks to get a short onsite and I will submit War in Heaven next Monday but I'll let you know once it's online.
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The first third of Royden Lepp's story David: The Shepherd's Songis the featured comic preview of the week at
Check it out at

And if you really like it, we have copies of the graphic novel available at Community Comics:

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Make a Christian Comics Fanbase

Several years ago I was talking with Ralph Miley about the subject of Christian Comics books. He made a simple but profound statement that has stuck with me. He mentioned a reason that Christian comics has not developed into a continuing publishing industry (similar to the secular industry) is that Christian comics do not have a fan base.The fan base has sustained the secular comics industry for several decades. That doesn't mean that there aren't people dropping out of collecting comics or that new people aren't becoming comic fans and collectors. That is true on both counts. However it seems as if there has been a fairly stable fan base to perpetuate the comics industry. From the late 1930s to say 1970 comic books were a general audience form of popular culture. After that with the raise of the direct sales/comic shop movement and the decline in distribution in grocery stories, drug stores and other general outlets comic book companies began catering to their perceived fan base. In more recent years we have seen the raise of graphic novels, collections, and manga, with sections dedicated to these forms in chain book stores and public libraries. The secular comics industry has a devoted readership—a core fan base.My admonition is that we who are Christian comics writers and artists should also be readers and fans of the comics produced others in our own movement. This should give us special joy to see and read and support the efforts of others in our movement. We need to be the nucleus of a growing Christian Comics readership and fan base. We need to support the efforts of others who believe they are called by God to produce comics that will glory Him.Some may have have reasons why they can't. One, lack of interest in other people's work. Answer: Pray that God will give you an interest. Two, don't have the money. Answer: Consider allocating part of your comics buying budget for Christian Comics. Consider dropping some secular comics from your buying list. Three: I don't have the time—Answer: Make time. Fourth: I don't know where to get Christian Comics. Answer: Over the next several months Steve MacDonald and I will be reviewing a number of recent Christian Comics and we will give contact information on how to get them (this will be networks on the CCAS portals in ComicSpace, MySpace and Shout Life. Our goal for doing this is threefold. One is to create a "buzz" or general interest in Christian comics. Two, to promote CCAS. Three, to publicize the Guide for Christian Comics.True in Advertising: DinoDon, do you buy and read Christian comics? Yes, I have purchased and read many comics that have been produced by professing Christians with Biblical based themes. Some of them are of high professional quality. Please give what i written serious consideration and prayer.
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Tempest - A Benefit Comic

Being in the midst of hurricane season, I was reminded of the Disaster Relief benefit comic we put together several years ago in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Tempest.

Tempest is the story of an artist, a normal man who writes stories of heroics and tragedy. But surrounded by news of tragedy and disaster, confronted with his own limitations, and facing the lifting veil of innocence, he is forced to ask some difficult questions, starting with, "What can I do ... I'm just one man ..." It’s a story of hope in the face of pain; beauty in the face of evil; strength in the face of solitary weakness.

Tempest was one of the more personal projects that Ben Avery, Sherwin Schwartzrock and I worked on, and we were blessed to work with a phenomenal group of artists who contributed their time and talents to this story such as:
* Randy Green (Witchblade, Emma Frost)
* Javier Saltares (David's Mighty Men, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, GI Joe)
* Sherwin Schwartzrock (ArmorQuest, Deal with the Devil)
* Sergio Cariello (The Lone Ranger, Son of Samson, Sojourn, Batman)
* Mike Worley (Bongo Comics artist, caricaturist)
* Tom Bancroft (Big Idea, Disney, Opposite Forces)
* Phil Hester (Ant Man, Nightwing, Green Arrow, The Wretch)
* Mario Ruiz (Samson, Testament)
* Gary Shipman (Pakkins' Land, Amazing True Life Stories)
* Darren Brady (Handel’s Messiah, HeroTV)
* Tim Kane (Supercrazy TNT Blast)
* Jesse Hamm (Good as Lily, Bitten Apple, Savage Daisies)
* Nate Watson (Blue Water Productions)
* Gary Martin (The Moth, Nexus)

Copies of Tempest are still available - either in printed form or as digital downloads.
* In print from Community Comics for $3.50 plus S & H.
* As free digital download from Wowio.
(Will require signing up with Wowio - but you’ll get access to many free books and comics - it’s a pretty good deal.)

All proceeds from the sale of Tempest or received from the Wowio downloads (and we do receive payments for each download) will be donated to the Disaster Relief efforts of the Salvation Army. The need is always there and so is the Salvation Army.

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DinoDon the Gatekeeper

First a disclaimer: I don't have any problem with anyone using the CCAS Social Network website to display their artwork or photos or promote their business.Several weeks ago I began getting bunches of e-mails in my inbox that said something like "you need to approve a photo (or video)" for placement on the CCAS Social network website. I had been appointed a gatekeeper for what is placed (artwork, photos, video clips) on the CCAS Social network website.For the most part I've approved almost all of the photos (the program doesn't distinguish between drawings and actual photographs). The very few I've not approved have been women in costumes revealing more than ample cleavage. The videos that I've disapproved are lengthy, extremely violent martial art fight scenes. Since this is a Christian Site the messages we should be communicating need to be edifying. The cleavage art communicates sexual availability (modestly is definitely a Christian virtue that needs to be re-emphasized). The violent videos I traced back to YouTube so they are getting plenty of internet exposure and it is not necessary for the CCAS Social network to add to that exposure.I don't believe that the art displayed on the CCAS network has to be "religiously themed" to be included but it should overtly offensive either. For example if you wanted to show some of your landscape or portrait paintings or drawings or family photos (or videos) I don't have problem with that. However when something is so clearly commercial and has not real connection to Christian faith it will probably get deleted— at least on my watch.
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"D'arc" by Katsuya Kondoh

I really wanted to like this book. It's a manga(in Japanese) called "D'arc" and it's a fantasy story supposedly about Saint Joan of Arc. But it's filled with witches, fairies, talking animals, and some mature content. Now, I don't speak or read Japanese, but when carnival cats turn into naked cat headed women and parade around, I kind of start to doubt that the authors did any historical research...

Anyway, even though Katsuya Kondoh has been a respected member of Ghibli's animation team, this book was a total waste of money. If you see it on Ebay like I did, I recommend you pass on by...

Take care &
God bless you:)
Gerry Lee
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