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Progress for the week

Hi all:

This one didn't line up as well.  Always frustrating to see that the scanner resized one pass but not the other, so when matching them up, some details hit and others don't.  It's really annoying.

Post one thing you like and one thing you dislike.


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A Very Important Character

Hey friends. Sorry ive been out a few days. A lot has happened but I am currently in a bad state of mind. I admit I do not have the best mental health, life has left me plenty of baggage to sift through. I am trying to make the best of it though. 

I needed to talk about my character a little bit. This character was given to me in a dream about ten years ago when I was a baby christian. I was also exposed to a problem  that has become a global epidemic - human trafficking.

Recently, at least 40.3 million people worldwide are currently being enslaved for forced work and others (including children) are sold into sex slavery. It is a very scary and unfortunate situation and with this book I am going to help expose this evil. My own city is a hub for human trafficking to and from Mexico. People have been arrested for this and there were Chinese restaurants shut down after they discovered human enslavement going on.

My character is a young man who experiences the human trafficking underground world. He survives it and is rescued, unfortunately, his life is darker because of it. His only bit of peace is found in his faith in Christ. He is the kind of character who gives young men a voice who in reality today need to receive healing for abuse and enslavement, mental erosion and loss of purpose. He is a character who borrows themes from David in the Bible and has to learn to slay his giants and repent from the messy situation he gets himself into that so many young people do when they end up being spiritually and mentally damaged.

He is an overcomer, and making this character was quite tricky because I had to make him the protagonist while also turning into his own antagonist in the leading incidents. He has to learn to repent and take responsibility and build himself again. This character will touch many lives and open eyes, it is a message of hope and restoration and knowing how to ask for help when needed and when to fight and when to be still. God bless you all.

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Take me to your leader Tuesday

Been thinking for awhile I should participate in art challenges.  So today I'm submitting my first one to Serkwerks for his "Take me to your leader Tuesday" challenge.  This one I did a small comp of the Martian Bovine from a previous one shot comic I did for my brother's birthday.  

Here's the link to the Serkwerks website if you all want to join in.


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Progress for the week

Hi all:

April Fools.

Finished this page earlier in the week, then worked on a comp for a friend, I'll post that later in the week or next week, depending on if he likes it or not.

post one thing you like and one thing you don't like.3448619637?profile=original

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A Bit About My Testimony

Warning: my story is not for the faint of heart. Some of this is going to be slightly have been warned.I was raised in church my whole life but as a youth I hardly believed, and there was a time when I didn’t believe in anything at all. I even dabbled in the occult and studied up on witchcraft as a young teen (thus my house was formerly haunted). You see, while I was taught Christian values in church, I didn’t really have much at home.I was an abused youth. As far back as I can recall, my mother had severe childhood damages of her own and it passed into her adulthood. It affected us all and she went undiagnosed, and I grew up being verbally, mentally, spiritually and physically being abused behind closed doors.It didn’t get better. I ended up homeless in 2010 after one final fight at home and I stood up for myself at last. Hardest thing to do. I don’t hate my family, I forgave them now but at the time I was an emotional mess and a very incomplete person. The little faith I had at that time dwindled away due to depression and suicidal tendencies, I became an alcoholic for a time, smoked weed, and lived in different places. The friends I had were okay for the most part but I had no real guidance.I ended up in yet another abusive relationship with a guy we all thought was genuine. He was a student at my martial arts academy and I was too broken to see the red flags, I just got sick of being all alone. I ended up with him, he became an abusive and sexually abusive person. He was everything I never needed and in the end, he took away whatever little purity I had left. He was SO abusive that it turned into a police situation and I had to get out.Unfortunately, I had nothing left. People took everything from me and I was just a shell of a person. My sanity, my hope, my well-being, my purity, my trust and inspiration was gone. It wasn’t until a couple of Christians found me and helped to counsel me and reinspire me. They were my vessels of mercy where even church members condemned me back then.I slowly realized that God was reaching out to me. I saw many butterflies flutter around me daily, I believe God was gifting me with them. I found new friends, people of faith, my family received help, and we slowly rebuilt ourselves again. It still needs a lot of work at home, I’m 31 now, but I’ve come a looooong way and now, God has put me through the metamorphosis of faith - I hatched and became a new creation. Maybe that’s why I like butterflies and moths so much.
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My article about Rare Digital Art and Comics just got published by BitCrystals in Switzerland! It features coverage of a most recent technological and artistic development that will totally affect the comic industry. An important (and ground-breaking) new milestone in art and comics history has just been reached, as it will impact the business side of the art/comics industry as well as the creative side. Full Story here:

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Get to Know Me :)

Hey you guys, so I’m quite new here and still getting the hang of things but I thought I’d post a little about myself as a person an an artist before I clock into work...

I am a 31-year old Hispanic woman living in the “armpit” of Texas, a city called El Paso, right near the Mexican border. I have always done artwork since I was a child and I started taking college-level lessons when I was 11 years old at a local art program in town. I have a lot of various art skills I work with weekly like drawing, costume design, painting, sewing skills, I love cosplay art, making jewelry and crafts, baking, and right now I am currently building a graphic novel series with a Christian message on spiritual warfare and modern issues in the world around us. It’s not a kid’s book, more for teens and up, but I plan on making a children’s book too one day.

i am an avid lover of insects and butterflies and I am an old school raver, aka a “kandi” kid, but without the drugs. I prefer to use raves as a place to celebrate life but also to talk to people about who Jesus is. It usually ends well :) I love colors, I love dancing, I love the outdoors and gardening and I also love martial arts. I am a proud student of the Kung Fu San Soo Family and I am currently recovering from a minor injury to the shoulder (yay).

I love traveling, I love unicorns and weird creatures, I love movies and manga and I plan to see Japan one day and visit different countries. I’m down for new friends :) PLUR!

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Reminder: FAQ for Alpha-Omega #200


Hi everyone! The deadline for the big 200th issue of the Alpha-Omega APA-zine is coming up soon, so as a reminder for anyone interested in participating, here’s an updated F.A.Q. list:



What is Alpha-Omega?

Alpha-Omega is the Amateur Press Association of the Christian Comic Arts Society, and is the ink-and-paper-through-the-mail counterpart to the electronic forums and social media fellowship we have online.

What’s the plan?

Alpha-Omega #200 will be a special issue featuring content from our past and current members, as well as from friends and supporters within the Christian comics movement. We envision the book as a “best of” tribute to our past 33+ years of Christian comics fellowship, and a celebration of both Christian comics and Christian comics fandom.

If you haven't already done so, please RSVP to if you want to participate.

What are we looking for?

The length of your submission is up to you. You can submit anything from essays and short stories to a single pinup page of art. It can be new content, or “best of” reprints. Possible ideas include…

  • Essays about your own personal memories, experiences or lessons learned within the Christian comics movement during your time as a fan, amateur or pro.
  • Artwork in the “Congratulations on 200 issues!” tradition of those Comic-Con Souvenir Books. Our official theme for this issue is “Celebrating Christian Comics Fandom”.
  • Self-contained short comic stories.
  • Also, feel free to share and promote your own Christian comics work. Members and friends of Alpha-Omega and the Christian Comic Arts Society have produced a lot of content over the years, but much of it was in the form of small-press indie comics from the pre-internet era and so many of our comics may still be largely unknown to wider audiences. Give us a look back on what you’ve worked on, and how to find it!

What should we NOT include?

  • Personal contact info. If you’re a creator who wants to promote your website, social media or email, great! Go for it! But it’s probably not a good idea to share your home address and phone number, since extra copies of this “best of” book will eventually be available for sale to the general public.
  • Mailing comments to other members. These are usually the lifeblood of an APA, but this issue will have many new one-time readers, so mailing comments referencing any specific back issue content will be needlessly confusing. Save it for next time, regulars!
  • Serialized stories. Like above, don’t share “Chapter 2 of 5” or start a teaser cliffhanger that will never be resolved for our guest readers. Let’s stick to standalone stories this issue.
  • Copyrighted material. Feel free to share any of your own art and writing, but avoid photocopying articles or artwork from elsewhere.
  • All our usual AO content restrictions apply: no graphic sex/violence/objectionable content, no personal insults, no inter-denominational arguments, no political flame-wars.

Who owns the copyright?

You will retain all copyright ownership of your individual work. By submitting your work for this issue, you are granting Alpha-Omega/CCAS a nonexclusive right to publish it as part of this 200th issue compilation.

This standard disclaimer will be included in the front page of the book: “The views and opinions expressed here are those of the individual creators, and do not necessarily reflect the Christian Comic Arts Society or the Alpha-Omega Amateur Press Association as a whole. The copyrights for all contents of this compilation are the property of their respective creators, and are printed here with permission.”

How should we send our pages?

  • The printed book will be 8.5” x 11”, B&W. Try to design your pages accordingly.
  • Have your submission clearly labeled with your name somewhere on the front page. (Also please include your own copyright notices if you want to be more specific than our generic AO disclaimer listed above.)
  • If you can send your ‘trib digitally, send it to Kevin Yong via or by using a file sharing upload site like Dropbox. TIFF, JPEG or PNG accepted for artwork, while PDF is the preferred file format for documents.
  • If you prefer to create your ‘trib in hardcopy form, you can mail us ONE clean set of B&W pages for your ‘trib, and we will scan it as needed for the final book. You can mail your printed pages to:
    Kevin Yong, P.O. Box 254, Temple City, CA 91780


The 200th issue will be dated May/June 2018. The deadline for contributing for the issue will be May 7th, and the printed issue will be sent out (Lord willing) by late May.

What will this cost?

As an all-volunteer APAzine, the costs of printing this issue will be paid for out of pocket by the participants. We estimate a printed copy will cost around $4 or $5, plus postage.

The book will be printed as a squarebound trade paperback using Createspace print-on-demand. In addition to copies being printed for participants, the book will later be available for sale at to the general public. (Any money eventually raised from sales of the book will go back towards funding Alpha-Omega and the Christian Comic Arts Society.)

For those who want to be a part of AO #200 but who don’t want to purchase a physical copy, a free digital PDF version will also be made available to all participants.

Who do I contact with more questions?

Ralph Miley is our main contact person & coordinator for this project. Kevin Yong is the Central Mailer who is compiling all the ‘tribs and will be formatting the book for print. If you don't already have our contact info, you can send us an email at and one of us will follow-up.

Thanks, and God bless you all!

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