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This week's progress

Hi All:

This one is early because (apparently) I'm improving at setting up, plotting, penciling, and inking pages.  I'm thinking I either add more detail to the pages or keep moving up in productivity and crank out more than one page in a week.  Thoughts.

Post one thing you like and one thing you dislike.


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Designing Armor

I have yet to design the spiritual armor of my characters. This is going to be a MAJOR challenge in that I want to reflect each character in their unique armor of God. I had an armor design a few years ago but after watching Saint Seiya I scrapped the designs I made because they looked too similar...(/__\)’ and now I have to redo everything. Ever hit that wall before fam?

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6ad0a9ec-fecb-4f89-a9cb-bf355212eacc.jpeg?width=300Attn: CCAS Members -

Do you blog? Do you like to review comics?

If so, please contact  She's looking for comics bloggers to receive a free copy of the new BibleForce comic and be able to offer their readers a contest to win free copies.

Product Description:

BibleForce is a brand-new Bible storybook that is illustrated with exciting, comic-style artwork that kids and adults will love.

Everyone will love the detail and action of BibleForce, and parents will love having a book that gets their children engaged in reading Bible stories. Vivid art, incredible detail, and easy-to-follow text will get readers of all ages enthusiastic about reading this chronological and fast-paced retelling of the Scriptures. It includes nearly 200 fully illustrated stories that take you through the adventure and action of the Bible and help us understand the full story of the Bible. The focus on Bible heroes makes the stories even more thrilling.

BibleForce is a great book to be read together and is simple enough for young readers to read on their own. Kids won't be able to put down this book! 

Posts Due  5/20/2018


Your Blog Post review linking to a giveaway link we will supply.  Social posts on all of your social channels.

INTERESTED?  If you are interested please reach out directly to Katie at the email above if you can commit to the requirements and due date and to confirm your address.  

She will send you another email with full details about the campaign and all the information you will need to do your posts.



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Laugh Maker

I'm doing a new project.

It's a video made up of my pictures and a song called "Laugh Maker" by BUMP OF CHICKEN.

I'll have over 50+ pictures in it, and I'm currently on no.24 *approximately* 

....I'm afraid of running out of steam. O_o

Wish me luck!

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My Life Is About To Change A Lot

Hey I hope everyone is okay this week! Hope you all had a good day and week last week. I haven’t written much else due to the fact that I have been learning to utilize my new sewing machine as well as a serge machine which was very tricky to thread (four spools at a time and a very specific set of loopers and blades). I have also been doing Uber at night and well, let’s just say I had the GROSSEST blessing in disguise: a drunk pair of soldiers threw up in my car and I got $300 out of all of that. Not even kidding. Cleaning my car was the bad part, driving around into Ft Bliss was no fun, watching these guys crawling on the sidewalk getting yelled at by their platoon leader wasn’t fun either. On the bright side, I got fat cash and nobody drove drunk or died. All of us went home safely.

I will eventually this month take up more character planning soon and add more to my story. I have new ideas. It turns out I may end up getting married sooner than I hoped. My parents don’t want me living at home anymore because of my job schedules and they’re wanting me out, so I guess I have no choice. I had been planning to marry this Fall around the music festival in town we get but it looks like I’ll be marrying by court first for $80 to move in with my other half. Life just neeeeever goes how we plan it to lol. (^_^)’ I guess it’s for the better, because he needs my help as it is.

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Progress for the week

Hi all:

This one didn't line up as well.  Always frustrating to see that the scanner resized one pass but not the other, so when matching them up, some details hit and others don't.  It's really annoying.

Post one thing you like and one thing you dislike.


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A Very Important Character

Hey friends. Sorry ive been out a few days. A lot has happened but I am currently in a bad state of mind. I admit I do not have the best mental health, life has left me plenty of baggage to sift through. I am trying to make the best of it though. 

I needed to talk about my character a little bit. This character was given to me in a dream about ten years ago when I was a baby christian. I was also exposed to a problem  that has become a global epidemic - human trafficking.

Recently, at least 40.3 million people worldwide are currently being enslaved for forced work and others (including children) are sold into sex slavery. It is a very scary and unfortunate situation and with this book I am going to help expose this evil. My own city is a hub for human trafficking to and from Mexico. People have been arrested for this and there were Chinese restaurants shut down after they discovered human enslavement going on.

My character is a young man who experiences the human trafficking underground world. He survives it and is rescued, unfortunately, his life is darker because of it. His only bit of peace is found in his faith in Christ. He is the kind of character who gives young men a voice who in reality today need to receive healing for abuse and enslavement, mental erosion and loss of purpose. He is a character who borrows themes from David in the Bible and has to learn to slay his giants and repent from the messy situation he gets himself into that so many young people do when they end up being spiritually and mentally damaged.

He is an overcomer, and making this character was quite tricky because I had to make him the protagonist while also turning into his own antagonist in the leading incidents. He has to learn to repent and take responsibility and build himself again. This character will touch many lives and open eyes, it is a message of hope and restoration and knowing how to ask for help when needed and when to fight and when to be still. God bless you all.

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Take me to your leader Tuesday

Been thinking for awhile I should participate in art challenges.  So today I'm submitting my first one to Serkwerks for his "Take me to your leader Tuesday" challenge.  This one I did a small comp of the Martian Bovine from a previous one shot comic I did for my brother's birthday.  

Here's the link to the Serkwerks website if you all want to join in.


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Progress for the week

Hi all:

April Fools.

Finished this page earlier in the week, then worked on a comp for a friend, I'll post that later in the week or next week, depending on if he likes it or not.

post one thing you like and one thing you don't like.3448619637?profile=original

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A Bit About My Testimony

Warning: my story is not for the faint of heart. Some of this is going to be slightly have been warned.I was raised in church my whole life but as a youth I hardly believed, and there was a time when I didn’t believe in anything at all. I even dabbled in the occult and studied up on witchcraft as a young teen (thus my house was formerly haunted). You see, while I was taught Christian values in church, I didn’t really have much at home.I was an abused youth. As far back as I can recall, my mother had severe childhood damages of her own and it passed into her adulthood. It affected us all and she went undiagnosed, and I grew up being verbally, mentally, spiritually and physically being abused behind closed doors.It didn’t get better. I ended up homeless in 2010 after one final fight at home and I stood up for myself at last. Hardest thing to do. I don’t hate my family, I forgave them now but at the time I was an emotional mess and a very incomplete person. The little faith I had at that time dwindled away due to depression and suicidal tendencies, I became an alcoholic for a time, smoked weed, and lived in different places. The friends I had were okay for the most part but I had no real guidance.I ended up in yet another abusive relationship with a guy we all thought was genuine. He was a student at my martial arts academy and I was too broken to see the red flags, I just got sick of being all alone. I ended up with him, he became an abusive and sexually abusive person. He was everything I never needed and in the end, he took away whatever little purity I had left. He was SO abusive that it turned into a police situation and I had to get out.Unfortunately, I had nothing left. People took everything from me and I was just a shell of a person. My sanity, my hope, my well-being, my purity, my trust and inspiration was gone. It wasn’t until a couple of Christians found me and helped to counsel me and reinspire me. They were my vessels of mercy where even church members condemned me back then.I slowly realized that God was reaching out to me. I saw many butterflies flutter around me daily, I believe God was gifting me with them. I found new friends, people of faith, my family received help, and we slowly rebuilt ourselves again. It still needs a lot of work at home, I’m 31 now, but I’ve come a looooong way and now, God has put me through the metamorphosis of faith - I hatched and became a new creation. Maybe that’s why I like butterflies and moths so much.
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My article about Rare Digital Art and Comics just got published by BitCrystals in Switzerland! It features coverage of a most recent technological and artistic development that will totally affect the comic industry. An important (and ground-breaking) new milestone in art and comics history has just been reached, as it will impact the business side of the art/comics industry as well as the creative side. Full Story here:

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Get to Know Me :)

Hey you guys, so I’m quite new here and still getting the hang of things but I thought I’d post a little about myself as a person an an artist before I clock into work...

I am a 31-year old Hispanic woman living in the “armpit” of Texas, a city called El Paso, right near the Mexican border. I have always done artwork since I was a child and I started taking college-level lessons when I was 11 years old at a local art program in town. I have a lot of various art skills I work with weekly like drawing, costume design, painting, sewing skills, I love cosplay art, making jewelry and crafts, baking, and right now I am currently building a graphic novel series with a Christian message on spiritual warfare and modern issues in the world around us. It’s not a kid’s book, more for teens and up, but I plan on making a children’s book too one day.

i am an avid lover of insects and butterflies and I am an old school raver, aka a “kandi” kid, but without the drugs. I prefer to use raves as a place to celebrate life but also to talk to people about who Jesus is. It usually ends well :) I love colors, I love dancing, I love the outdoors and gardening and I also love martial arts. I am a proud student of the Kung Fu San Soo Family and I am currently recovering from a minor injury to the shoulder (yay).

I love traveling, I love unicorns and weird creatures, I love movies and manga and I plan to see Japan one day and visit different countries. I’m down for new friends :) PLUR!

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