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Hi All:

Here's this week's page.  I will not be posting next weekend as I will be at the Phoenix Comic fest(formerly Comicon because San Diego claims it can have the only Comicon).  If I get the time and I'm not too worn out from the day, I will post pictures from the comicfest.

Post one thing you like and one thing you dislike.


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This week's progress

So I was advised by a pro to ink with a brush.  A daunting idea to say the least but practically not viable as my apartment is all carpet, so to spill would mean extra charge for me when I move out.  But low and behold, micron manufactures pens with pain brush tips, and once again I found myself without an excuse to try it.  So this week's page was my first try inking with a brush pen.  The first is the raw as it shows on the page attempt.  The second is the retouched attempt through photoshop to smooth out the shaky lines and big globs of black from trying to keep the pen steady.  Still learning.

Post one thing you like and one thing you don't like.



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Progress for the week

I ordered a new lenovo desktop last Monday with Photoshop elements pre-installed.  So I'll be able to post more often, should be anyways.  What that means for the weekly posting remains to be seen.

Here's this week's finished page.


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Progress for the week

I'm still gaining speed and even experimenting with new techniques on how to draw anatomy, backgrounds, and I'm helping a friend with some work in his model shop.

Seems the more I take on, the better my time management skills get.  But it's only been a week so I could be getting ahead of myself.

Post one thing you like and one thing you dislike.


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Effectively animated comicstrip

Effectively animated Comic strip

The Bouletcorp  ( ) is a strip done by a widely published French cartoonist who is slowly translating some of his works into English (One strip every month or so). The strips vary from weird to hilarious, but what caught my eye was Boulet’s 3.28.18 strip (“When I am alone”), in which the the punch of the strip is made by five animated panels . Having never seen effective animation in a comic before, I thought it was worth sharing.

    To be sure, I’ve seen distracting and unnecessary animations in comics where the strip would be far more effective with a still picture.   Boulet’s strip would get a small smile with still pictures  but the animations are delightful and really 'make the joke.'

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Introducing a sub-antagonist

There is a new character beside the main bad guys who is vital to my main character’s story. Ever meet those people who claim to be Christians and while they appear to be so perfect on the outside, they are really not people of Christ’s love?

Jesus tells us that without love, we are like a clashing cymbal, a gong of noise. In other words we are just meaningless talk. After my main character rises again from his fall, this woman treats him with religious rejection. She is about her image, her agenda, and she starts to push him away from the church. She is not a true Christian at heart but is a religious legalist, a Pharisee.

One thing people like her have a problem with is manipulation and control. The Bible says control issues are comparable to witchcraft, and that is a definite no-no! We need to be careful not to push others away from the faith and church with our actions. When a member of the body falls, we must be gracious to them and reach out, pray, and not condemn them. Correct them in love and firmness but never condemn a person or hold record of their wrongs.

in the end, this woman does not remain in the church.

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Hello everyone, Artworx88 here. I've decided to share my social media on here, so here they are:






I also have Tumblr and Pixiv, but Tumblr is just for my followers to ask anonymous questions, so I'm Artworx88 on there. I'm also Artworx88 on Pixiv, which is basically my online art portfolio.

And now for the next topic, I need prayer. I forgot to take my medication last night, including some psychiatric medication. This is the second time this has happened this week. It's 4:45 a.m. right now and I've been awake all night. I'm going to have a rough day and I'll probably experience hallucinations, like voices, which I get when I don't take my meds.

So, please pray for me, everyone. I'm going to take it easy for today. Thanks and God bless. ~ Dana

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My Character for Book 1 Falls from GRACE

I’ve decided that my main character, much like King David, will experience a fall from Grace. There is a lot to learn from this character...

For one thing, anyone can fall into temptations and make grave mistakes. The Bible says the enemy prowls the Earth looking for whom he may devour, and it’s true - even Christians can mess up and end up in the mud slide of life.

Another reason this character falls is because of unhealed wounds, the hidden wounds we like to hide from others and the ones we THINK we can hide from God. Hidden wounds are pathways to little sins that can sneak in and wreak havoc in our lives.

My character, being an abuse survivor and a teenager with confusing hormones and the desire to fit in, ends up in the wrong party with the wrong crowd and ends up getting angry and drunk and gets into a fight. It gets pretty bad because he goes to jail to face consequences for accidental death.

He eventually pulls a King David. He prays the dangerous prayer: search my heart God, find what is corrupt in me and remove it. He repents, returns to the path and comes out to his church to give his testimony and face the demons of his past once more and puts an end to them. 

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Hello, I've returned.

I'm not sure how else to start this, but here I go. It has been over three years since I joined this site. A lot has happened then, crazy stuff that I wouldn't be able to explain all in one post. I totally forgot how to use this site, and I don't really know how else to say this. I've been going through a lot of mental illness and depression, and it stopped me from working on my manga. I have been doing a lot of fan art, but two nights ago, I felt that the Lord was calling me to start working on my manga again. I've been the most active on Instagram, and for over two years was clinging to Dragon Ball Z art. I gained lots of followers from DBZ fan art, and was afraid of change. But now, I feel the need to get back to my story and do what truly makes me happy. I've decided to start using this site again to connect with other Christian artists. I've posted some recent original manga character illustrations for you guys to see. I hope to stay committed to posting here, as I have other social media to run. I hope to connect with you all and hear from you guys very soon. Thanks for reading and God bless. ~ Dana

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