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Hi CCAS friends, 

I have a new Kickstarter that has just begun. It's for the Gospel of Matthew Word for Word Bible Comic. 

Please come and have a look and grab yourself a copy.



Please help in these three ways : 




You can download the sample PDF here 



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What Makes for Great Art?

I lead a number of rare digital art communities and just posted some guidelines about what makes for great art in the rare digital art market. These actually are written to have universal application for all creators.

Please read it and let me know what you think!3887897937?profile=RESIZE_710x

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New comic strip I created for the Kentucky National Guard Wellness FB page. I'm sharing it here as well, in hopes that it encourages. It is a bi-weekly comic called CHAPLAIN TATE SAYS... enjoy and God Bless! comments are welcomed.chaplain%20tate%20says.pdf

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Mrs.Paula Richey of OtherRealm Studio has just published the first comic book in her series titled "Soulbound'. It's a fantastic book, a great beginning to what looks to be an exciting fantasy story, both enchanting at times, and terrifying at others. If you're intrigued about it, please consider visiting

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Paul: A Graphic Novel

Hello, friends. I haven't posted in a while but I wanted to share with you my newest comic, Paul: A Graphic Novel. It has been extensively researched and some of it was created while on research trip to Mamertine Prison in Rome, where Paul was prisoner. You can find the Kindle version at this link,

Thank you!

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Frame for an animated clip


This is a frame for an animated clip I drew. Made for entertainemnt  only, non-profit purpose. T create the clip I drew the character using tools tools GIMP and Jump Paint softwares, animating with tools of Tupi 2d, a free software for animation, and edited it wit tools of Movavi software. Based on Japanese superhero tv series "Spectreman". Link for the animation:

Tupi Tube

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DC & Marvel Covers 1970 • John Romita Sr • Curt Swan • Gil Kane • WhiteHeart – Bye Bye Babylon • Jesus Culture – Spirit Break Out • Project: NewMan 1:28 • Humants 1:28

1970 Comics Review. This will be the last Flip Book we feature for an entire year of comics. The size of and number of covers we need to include has increased with every Flip Book due to the increased amount of books released in that year. We are not even including all the covers from the years in question because it would be just too large for a web page app to run! Even with the decline in sales which began after 1968 the number of titles increased as publishers settled for lower print runs while offering more choices and trying to find the next hot title. DC & Marvel Covers 1970 features a lot of work from Neal Adams, Gil Kane, John Romita, Jack Kirby, Carmine Infantino and many more.

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Gumdrop Gospel

The Blog post as I would like it to appear

At age 40, a VBS changed my life.... least, that’s what it feels like at the moment!

We were doing an ART CAMP VBS this year, and I got to volunteer on the worship team AND a pretty cool art station where I helped the kiddos create a 1 page comic of the day’s Bible story (please see my photos for examples... for some reason, the site isn’t letting me upload pics here).

Anyway, over and over, I kept hearing the kids say ‘I can’t draw a straight line’, ‘I can’t draw THAT...’, etc

so I was trying to create a simpler ‘model’ for the kids and instead of drawing a page in the style of the Bible Story videos I created, the second day I decided to tell the story using these odd ‘gumdrop’ characters... and 


It broke down a lot of walls REALLY quick, and was SUPER engaging for the kids!

It was an INCREDIBLE experience for me for a few reasons:

1. I’ve missed volunteering with the kids, Children’s Ministry is where I started, and now I’ve moved into the role of Campus Pastor -so I don’t get as much time with the kiddos

2. It gave me a fresh perspective on engaging kids through comics

3. It inspired a series of cartooning & comicking workshops/afterschool programs I might try soon.

4. It officially birthed the idea of ‘Gumdrop Gospel/Gumdrop Comics’.

#4 would be awesome if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t get them out of my head and have suddenly become obsessed with creating this Gumdrop Gospel project

I’m thankful, but geez!  Gumdrops?  Over the past week, I’ve been pumping out parables and delving into devotionals using these odd creations, and I seriously can’t wait to bring this to life!

(y’know, with all the ‘spare time’ between family, ministry, and launching Word Weirdos -more on that soon)

As odd as these ideas are, and as many excuses I could make *not* to do anything with these gumdrops, I made a promise this year to FOLLOW HIM BY FOLLOWING THROUGH.  And I do believe this is an odd blessing, but after seeing the way it engaged kids firsthand, I can’t wait to see the fruit God might produce through this!

*Plenty of things God called people to do seemed foolish to somebody... ;)

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