Shelter of Wings new site up!

So much has happened since the first issue came
out late 2006 and I can't go into all the details here. I now am partnered with an amazing artist/mom Shaina Widmer (whose work is in Nate's ICCC1 and 2). Gold Plum Studio, our new company, is producing text-mix comics and manga for kids and young adults
, with an avenue to sell books to teach English as a second language. This is such an exciting venture for me. The Shelter Vol 1 manga has been revised and expanded (224
pages with lots of new content) and is currently on pre-order for $8.95 ($1 off cover price)
with a larger discount for previous customers. Thanks to those who have stuck by me with this
comic craziness when I first began, and thanks for all your initial
purchases. For those who've never purchased a copy, the revised Volume
1 version is now online with new pages to be added weekly. We hope and
pray that this site will bring in many teens. Volume 2 is in
development and will be available in book format as well.

Also, SoW is featured as one of Clash Entertainments' weekly comics.

The new site is not available to IE users yet, but we are working on it. So sorry. But please visit in Firefox!
God bless!

--Lisa <--- store
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  • Yes, finally, Shaina! And Thanks, Brian ;)
    Melchizedek--a cyber charter school is usually a tuition-free online education system approved by the Dept. of Education. It's public school but home-based (some are based elsewhere, even in schools). So your wife can actually use an online program to school your daughter. Many of them now give you laptops and all the resources, including science lab materials. FInd out what's available in your state and if you can get the free curriculum. It may really help your family since she's never homeschooled before, but she may do just fine without.
  • NOW is working in IE! Great job, Lisa!!
  • Hey Lisa,
    My daughter is 10 and will be in the 5th grade. What's a cyber charter school?
  • congrats!
  • Thank you, Melchizedek :) How old is your daughter? Both your wife and daughter may really love the time spent with each other! I'm currently homeschooling my 14 year old with a cyber charter school so she does most of her work online. I just make sure she gets her work done and I help her go over lessons. I'm not developing curriculum for her so it's not as time consuming. Just make sure your wife is organized, and that you have plenty of outside activity and socialization! There are online homeschooling organizations/forums that you may want to get involved with for support and to find out about extra classes such as art, science or a structured gym time. I hope they do very well!
  • Hey Lisa,
    The new site looks great! I'm looking forward to your new projects. My wife is about to homeschool
    our daughter for the first time. You have any tips?
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