Prayers and encouragement for a friend

Hi everyone. "Real life" has been keeping me away from online participation for awhile, but I wanted to pass this along for a friend.

As some of you may already have heard: Don Ensign, the founder of the Christian Comic Arts Society, is in the hospital due to complications from prostate cancer.

Our mutual friend, Ralph Miley, is planning to possibly travel to visit Don later in February, and had an idea for a gift that might encourage him. We're trying to create a sketchbook collection of Don's original character, "The Golden Protector". A scan from Don's original art for the character is included here as reference if any CCAS artists feel inspired to help out with the project. Please email any Golden Protector sketches to Ralph at, and he'll print them out to bring to Don as a "get well" gift when we see him.

Whether or not you feel led to participate in this little art project, thank you for reading, and please keep Don in your prayers. Thanks, and God bless!

3448613361?profile=original"The Golden Protector", as created and drawn by Don Ensign

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  • wow.  somehow I missed this.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to send something myself.

  • Contributors can either send their hi-res artwork to Ralph, who is forwarding it to us, or you can send it directly to us at Thanks!

  • I'm in too. I'll clean this up and add a verse. 3884481477?profile=original

  • In addition to drawing the "Golden Protector" character in a pose/composition/design that exalts our Lord Jesus Christ, some contributing artists might consider including an appropriate Scripture verse on their drawing as well. We're hoping that some of the staff helping Don -- doctors, nurses, techs, orderlies, etc -- will have the opportunity or interest to look through the notebook we plan to leave with Don. Some of these people will not know The Lord, and artwork that includes The Word might plant or water a seed in some of them.

  • Thanks Nate! So glad to see the project expanding like this. I hope it can help bring encouragement to Don while he's recovering.

  • Wow-- Check out the great interpretation of Don's "Golden Protector" by ACTION BIBLE artist Sergio Cariello!

  • With Ralph's knowledge and approval, we're holding a 2-weeks-only "Draw Don Ensign's 'Golden Protector' Character Contest" on our COMIX35/CCI FB page:

    Anyone who is interested can post b&w or color images that feature Don's "Golden Protector" Character in a pose/composition/design that exalts our Lord Jesus Christ in some way. (We want these pages of artwork to help advance The Kingdom of God, too... which will also be encouraging to Don!)

    Lord willing, we also plan to visit Don in early February to show him this artwork, so the contest ends in just 2 weeks, on MONDAY FEBRUARY 3rd.

    We will name some finalists based on page views and "likes," but we hope Don will be able to choose the winner himself, if he is able.

    There are no prizes... just the opportunity to minister to a brother who loves The Lord and comics... and who has done so much to promote Christian-themed comics for many years. Thank you!

  • Thanks! Glad to have you on board. Not sure of an exact deadline yet other than "early February". Contact Ralph for more details, at

  • Is there a deadline, Kevin? I'd love to do something for Don.
  • What a great idea!  I'm in.

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