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Friends, I have decided to take a stab at creating a monthly Christian Comic E-Zine. I have noticed that CCAS frequently has wonderful submissions - from comics and reviews, to interviews and opinion pieces - all of which stay on the main page for a period of a few days (or less...) before disappearing into oblivion. That is not a criticism, of course, of this site; it is simply not the site's purpose to do what an E-zine does do, that being archive and pull together the happenings of the Christian Comic Community. As such, I intend to create a free HTML based e-zine, whose livelihood depends exclusively on submissions and the prayers of all invested. 

I think that one of the most positive and edifying things about previous Christian comic zines (like Megazeen and such) is that they really did help to unify a group of people, give an outlet for individuals interested in Christian comics, and provide a medium, particularly for those new to Christian comics, to get a handle of the genre. It helped to make a community of individuals interested in a particular subject more than just a disjointed group of members working alone. That is my hope in creating a zine. 

But who I am, I hear you saying. What qualifications does this Sven Jacobs/Corey Miller/etc. have? Who does he think he is? In order to encourage you and build your confidence in my abilities, I have uploaded a comic below that I think best showcases the quality of my work:

3448611655?profile=originalNo doubt you are gasping at the sheer brilliance of the lines and the realism writhing through every stroke. And I suspect it is clear to everyone that the humor above transcends linguistic expression. 

Sure, I can hear you saying, you are a master at the craft, but have you any experience with website design? Please let me relieve you of your concerns:

As you can see I am an equally accomplished website designer, fully capable to make this e-zine a rousing success!

Anyhow, I will be publishing the first issue at the end of August. If you are interested in submitting movie reviews, comic reviews, tutorials, opinion pieces, comics, interviews, or even and ESPECIALLY news about you or your company's Christian comic updates, then send them my way at by August 15th. Really, I am for the most part open to any and all submissions related to the topic. I look forward to any input or submissions I receive! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me as well. 

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  • cool. Lets chat on this I am sending you my email address. I am on google chat. I should be up all night tonight so I am free to chat after midnight (eastern time)

  • Maffett: tutorials and reviews would be GREAT. I am thinking the E-zine will not be paginated (that would make editing more difficult for me); however, this shouldn't affect anything anyone turns in really (in fact, I could be more compromising that way).

  • I'll do some basic tutorials and software reviews from the perspective of someone who is learning also. Since I am not a professional I think that others can learn and share ideas without feeling intimidated. I can also do some some one-three page comics.

  • Need a name friends. Let me know if there's anything that sounds like a great name for an electronic magazine. Or I'll just think of something generic lol. 

  • Maffett: Yeah man, let me know what you want to do or what you want to submit...

  • Lets do this. git at me bro!

  • The BunniAngel: that sounds great! Send those puppies in!

  • Very Awesome!!!!!!! I can't wait! I won't mind giving you the devotions that I write monthly to put in, and maybe a monthly comic :D

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