Megacon- not so Mega

Hey Everyone and God blessSaturday Feb. 28 2009 MEGACON!!!!! I don't know, but for me this show has been lacking year after year. Why do I go? Well for one I am a New Yorker and have gone to so many cons that I've seen some good cons and some bad ones, but for this to be MEGACON it should be huge right? Wrong! To me they get the same artist and writers every year and really don't go for the movers and shakers in the industry. I went for 2 artist and to meet 2 talented brothers in Christ and that was my highlight of megacon, but as for the show itself, lacking. This was my 7th year and there is just no hype, no excitement there.I am also amazed on some of the ego's at con's from the old time actor's and these "model's". If I know you because of a show and not a fan of your's and I just would like to take a picture of you then why charge me for it? I mean I met a person at a the con, some one that I admire for what they have achieved (It was a female athlete and all she had at her table was racy pics, no thanks) and I just asked if she would charge me to take a photo of her, and she said "yes", what? I told her "ok, nice meeting you" and left. She was nice and friendly, but to me that's ridiculus, I mean come on, seriously back in the day I took pics of models and actors and they were cool about it.Is it just me or people can be full of themselves.As far as the artist that I wanted to meet Frank Cho and Humberto Ramos, thet were great, especially Humberto Ramos, he shook everybodies hand that waited on line for him and chatted with his fans, thats a creator who appreciates his fans.On a scale from 1 to 5 megacon was a 21/2. No free goodies, no hype, not a lot of creators.Let me know your thoughts and questions.
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  • You should try Comic Con in San Diego. It is huge!!! It had 125,000 attendees last year. You could always share a room with us. The Lord has allowed us to have a CCAS table there for the past 13 years. Then there is WonderCon in San Francisco which had over 40,000 attendees in 2009. I was able to get a room for about $69.00 per night. You're more than welcome.
  • I thought Megacon was better than most of the cons I've been to so far. Just started not to long ago. Since you've been seven times i can see how it would loose its luster to you. It's like going to Disney land for you I guess. So what are some good comic book conventions to go to?
  • i'll keep you posted. we have some plans for next year.
  • I'm so sorry about your experience; it does sound desapointing. I could not go, It was too near, by the time I heard of it. And by this coment, it seems I did not wasted my time and money. Nevertheless, I will make plans for next years, at least I would like to meet some bros. with talent and vision.
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