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  • Hmmm, great artwork and a creative storyline. What would it take to translate this comic to English?
    • Hello, thank you in advance for your comments. I can do the translation into English but it requires a level of English to be light and understandable, I would do it very attached to rules and formal. If you have any proposal to translate it casually, we are willing to do it. The progress of the next part will be published in a digital magazine format, thus putting aside the webcomic format. We are in contact, hoping the stories we are sharing will be of blessing and edification in Jesus Christ. The Lord is coming back
      • The total amount of dialogue in your story is small, so I think bilingual (far better than myself) members of CCAS would be willing to undertake the task for little or no money. Of course the best solution is to have a bilingual translator sitting beside your artist, so word bubbles can be tried out and sized in conversation with the artist. How soon are you trying to go to production?
        • I will work on the art, and my partner will do the translation and she is looking for someone who can check it, so maybe we will reach our goal in two weeks..

          I will be working on that, do you know someone at CCAS who is available to support us? Receive blessings and greetings!
          • Responses on this site can be slow and it sounds like you need a checker now. I would be willing to look over your script for free. My preferred email is , however gmail users prefer to use
            • I have emailed you with the first two episodes. Blessings
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