How many times can you restart a project?

That's a question I've been dealing with lately.  

If you poke around my art posted here, you'll discover a web comic that did for a short time called Outcasts.  It was an allegory of how traditionalism was making our churches incapable of doing what the Lord called us to do.  Then, after actually serving on staff at a church, I came to realize that the argument isn't so cut and dried, that there are things on the "nontraditional" approach that are just as paralyzing.  (As I said in my previous post, the Lord had a lot to teach me over the years.)  So, I went back and started to rewrite my outcasts story, giving it a more balanced view.  Well, in the process of writing, I came to realize that it felt like it was the middle of a story more so than the beginning of one.  I needed a prequel to establish the world I was creating these characters in.  

Hence my most recent project, for now simply titled "MM."  I've drawn and redrawn the first page four times now, and the script that I started writing tonight is completely different from any of those four versions.  If I were to take all the time that I've spent starting this project over and over again, I might have been finished with it by now.

The good news, though, is that I'm very pleased with how the script is turning out now.  It took a while, but this project is finally starting to take shape in my mind.  

FYI:  If you spend the time figuring out the details of your characters and the settings, getting to know them as intimately as you can and fleshing out every detail you can think of, then writing the actual plot becomes so much simpler.  

Excited for where this is going, and what the LORD plans to do with it.

Keep soaring,


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