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I'm very excited to finally be able to share that we have launched Armageddon! ...and we could use your help. :) FrontGate Media has launched the Armageddon Now! social media sites. Armageddon Now! is a graphic novel series that reveals the hidden message of Biblical prophecy in a modern style: world-class graphics with "ripped from the headlines" news. A team of heroes discovers the mystery of Orion's constellation as it relates of the future of mankind. The story begins with a terrorist attack on New York City and Los Angeles. Woven into the fabric of all seven novels is the mysterious connection of the constellation Orion, which is painted on the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Only the most knowledgeable would notice that Orion holds the club in his right hand instead of his left. And few would know the significance as it relates to M4211. Following the attack on America, a confederacy suffers a massive defeat when they met with an earthquake, the death angel, hail, fire and brimstone. The series is the brainchild of Rob Liefeld and Phil Hotsenpiller. You know Rob from his work on both The New Mutants and Hawk and Dove. After pumping new life into the New Mutants, the title was revamped was X-Force, and as the founder of Image Comics. After years of working together at Image, Rob quit/Image fired him and he went off with Joseph Loeb III (writer of Commando and Producer of Firestorm) and Scott Rosenberg (developer of Men In Black) and founded Awesome Entertainment. Now an independent success, Liefeld has several films in the works through his company: Avengelyne, Badrock, Prophet, and The Mark. Phil Hotsenpiller is the teaching pastor of Yorba Linda Friends Church, a mega church in Southern California. He is the founder and President of New York Executive Coaching Group, and co-author of a seven-part business series entitled Passionate Lives and Leaders. Phil holds a bachelors and Masters degree with additional post-graduate studies at Oxford University. For our CCAS friends, you can follow along and promote Armageddon through your network of choice: ComicSpace ComicVine Twitter ShoutLife MySpace Facebook FriendFeed I never expected that I would be launching Armageddon, and that it would be so much fun! ;) Scott A. Shuford FrontGate Media Extra Mile Merch My Broken Palace
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  • Thanks Juan. Spread the word. :)
  • Looks awesome Scott! Very impressive. Can't wait to read the book!
  • Wow, this looks and sounds really cool! I'll just have to get the graphic novels.
  • Thanks LWP! :)
  • Bro Orfenn - I just confirmed that we're going to do a fan art page when we launch the Fan page on Facebook. If you have something now, you can post it here on CCAS. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
  • HI Geoffrey - always can use participation on the social media sites: retweeting, comments, postings, being involved. :)

    Bro Orfenn- Fan art is a great idea. Let me float that past a few folks and figure out where to do it. :)
  • looks very promising..What do you need exactly?
  • Do you have a fan art page. I would like to send some Armageddon Now art. it's free of couse, I just would like some exposure.

  • Thanks Justin! :)
  • Oh, and the story looks real good!
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