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Hey you guys, so I’m quite new here and still getting the hang of things but I thought I’d post a little about myself as a person an an artist before I clock into work...

I am a 31-year old Hispanic woman living in the “armpit” of Texas, a city called El Paso, right near the Mexican border. I have always done artwork since I was a child and I started taking college-level lessons when I was 11 years old at a local art program in town. I have a lot of various art skills I work with weekly like drawing, costume design, painting, sewing skills, I love cosplay art, making jewelry and crafts, baking, and right now I am currently building a graphic novel series with a Christian message on spiritual warfare and modern issues in the world around us. It’s not a kid’s book, more for teens and up, but I plan on making a children’s book too one day.

i am an avid lover of insects and butterflies and I am an old school raver, aka a “kandi” kid, but without the drugs. I prefer to use raves as a place to celebrate life but also to talk to people about who Jesus is. It usually ends well :) I love colors, I love dancing, I love the outdoors and gardening and I also love martial arts. I am a proud student of the Kung Fu San Soo Family and I am currently recovering from a minor injury to the shoulder (yay).

I love traveling, I love unicorns and weird creatures, I love movies and manga and I plan to see Japan one day and visit different countries. I’m down for new friends :) PLUR!

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  • Would you like to be in my projects of the Athlete Men and many other stories in development under my A-men book line. Please let me know if you want to be part this and I can try get you a Wacom tablet and send you my comic life software link which allows me to share this software with about 3 to 4 people plus send the motion artist software. I pray to God's will if you want to be part of this team of artist under the a-men book line and with no pressure but drawing stories or kids activity books of poster for the passion of drawing images with purpose to inspire a generation thru arts. Peace



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  • Wow Edgar, those are super cool! I can’t wait to be able to get my hands on digital media to help with creating my graphic novel. As of right now I’m poorer than poor and don’t have a Wacom tablet or software, hooray rent and car payments lol.

  • Wow, so many fun talents and interests!

  • Welcome to the site. Glad to have you here!

  • 3884776332?profile=originalHi my name is Edgar, I came across your art work and it’s inspiring!!! I wanted to know what are your rate fee on pin ups and sequential story board art project. I hope to hear from you soon Peace and Aspyre3884776428?profile=original




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