ERRATA for FullArmour Cross

1. If we have five cards in hand and can not play any of them, can wediscard in order to draw new cards? yes You can discard and draw more (you may run thru your deck faster that way however)'s not clearly stated but yes.2. When the line is defeated or empty what do we do? Draw a new Battlelinecard or replenish the line with the number on the Battleline card that is inplay?replenish during the next staging phase for the LINE...dunno if that's clearly stated either...3. After the Battle Phase and before or at the beginning of the LineStaging or Field Staging phase, do we reset treasures that were gleaned theprevious phase or is there a time limit on when they can be reset? ONLY at the beginning of your Field's staging phase can you reset treasures...unless a card tells you to reset them..but that cards' not out yet. The idea and purpose is that I wanted players to be able to play & pay for Gzeira's ANY time since they can severly change the course of the game. So i wanted folks to be able to use treasures up until they're own Field's Staging phase. Did i make that even more confusing?4. How do we tell a male from female card? Will the pictures help withthat or did I miss it on the cards?Um holy cow.i totaly forgot players don't know who these characters are yet. Yes the art will definitely let you know whose female or not. Ok...the ONLY females are (and you can jot this on the cards) Atra, Summer, Prophetess, Cherri, konmei,Malice5. If the Line is not completely defeated, do we replenish the line back tothe Battleline card number or leave it as is until the line is defeatedduring the next Battle phase? Replinish/add should draw the Battleline card number each staging phase for the LINE....the goal for the LINE (unwritten) is to fill itself up to seven cards across like on the gamegrid.6. How many Reliques can be attached to one Persona? Each Persona gets one IF THEIR TRAITS ALLOW IT. ...UNLESS otherwise written on a card. Like Nathaniel can carry two.
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