while checking out Manga Studio products recommended by D.L. Maffet I discovered this great link to do perspective in photoshop for digital artists. -It's free and easy to learn.

I'm going to try the free trial of Manga Studio 4 once I get a tablet. Been contemplating about going completely digital in a year after some good advice from D.L.

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  • @Lisa. Interesting. I used technical pens to ink back in the day and prism markers for gray tones. Using Manga studio saves me the cost and having to keep the ink supplies on hand. But art is a skill and talent that is as unique as the artist. For me it was a challenge going totally digital, I enjoy it. As for inking, I enjoy how clean the lines are and there is no fear of spilling, smearing, whiteout, or having to erase pencils.

  • Do you mean drawing digitally? It does cut time, but hand-inking and digital inking give different results. I enjoy your expressive linework most of all, so experiment before you make a final decision to go completely digital if I understand you correctly. I have MS 4 and find that it's very clean and refined but I still prefer inking by hand and scanning. :-)

  • I love the manga Studio software. I have the debut version amazing how professional it looks

  • the rulers in manga studio work well. It takes some getting used to though. I am not strong using like perspectives so I takes me a while to get it right. I think by the time I fool around with the rulers I could have "eye balled" it and moved on to the next panel. They do come in handy for covers and splash pages where detail is more important.

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