while checking out Manga Studio products recommended by D.L. Maffet I discovered this great link to do perspective in photoshop for digital artists. -It's free and easy to learn.

I'm going to try the free trial of Manga Studio 4 once I get a tablet. Been contemplating about going completely digital in a year after some good advice from D.L.

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  • Yea D.L., I've been looking at the sizes for the Wacoms. I saw some close to 8x10 the size I draw on now. But then I figured I may not have to get that size if i can enlarge and shrink my picture on the monitor-If i'm doing panel by panel, does size matter? What's your advice? I also noticed the 4 main wacom tablets on amazon all have 1024 pressure sensitivity. That is what I'm really looking at to be able to draw. I remember you said the higher pricer ones are due to size and the extra programs that come with it. And i don't really need the extra progams.

  • Thanks for the info DL I will have to remember that. I can't do anythig until pay day but I will definitely try it

  • Manga Studio 5 is out now!

  • @ Paul. EX has both raster and vector. The vector brushes work exactly like the raster one. But they give a very clean line. So when importing to Photoshop or flatting there is a clean line. The color tools are great. I am still a novice at coloring so I all I do in MS is flat. As for the $500 price tag. You can get it on ebay from $50 to $100 (new and unused   or as I did on Tiger Direct for $75. You dont have to spend a lot on software these days you just have to know how to shop. (that knowledge comes from years of being broke...)

    here is a link now on ebay for Manga Studio 4 EX for $49.95

    the price it cost me to go to the movies, get popcorn and dinner, and ice cream on a Saturday night... (not including taking the wife)

  • DL Maffett I wouldn't mind trying EX escept for two problems I am not very good at vector programs and I can't afford the nearly 500 dollars it takes to get EX

  • lol. Another serious thing to consider is the tablet size. I just added second monitor to my workstation. The 5x9 tablet now has what feels like a SMALLER work space because the relation to the sceen size. It takes some getting used to.

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  • Mel Obi Wan never told you... All Digital Art Work is your father! Join US, we can rule the Art Universe together!


  • Thanks Lisa. I was wondering about that. Has the technology advanced that what I do with micron pens I can do on a tablet? I plan to find out. The possibility of cutting time is what really appeals to me and just learning something new.

  • @ paul consider getting EX. it is well worth it.

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