Are we eating our vegetables?

Too often with our creative works we want to skip the vegetables and jump right to the meat and potatoes. Or even straight to desert.

I want to urge you to eat the appropriate vegetables every day because they will make you big and strong!

Artists, are you spending time with your sketchbook every day? Writers, do you spend time doing creative writings?

Trust me; no one needs to hear this more than myself! But as a community I would like to challenge you to keep on eating those vegetables. Spend some time practicing every day and you will see vast improvements in your work and very quickly (personally, I would like to fill out a sketchbook a month, but that doesn’t always happen).

In an effort to keep myself accountable I am going to create an album called “Sketch of the Day” where I can share my daily sketches with the CCAS community. And hopefully you will be encouraged to do the same!

And if you are a writer, share your practice writings with us! I have been so energized in my work in the short time I have been part of CCAS and I hope we can all work together to grow the talents God has blessed us with.

Remember, anything worth having requires hard work! A good marriage, a strong walk with the Lord, a healthy life style…anything. We won't have great comic products without the work!

God bless.

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  • Hey Awesome! We can keep each other in check. Post whatever you do on here, or at least message it to me. And obviously we wont get to it everyday but if I don't see anything from you after a few days I can be like, "What's up Gerard? where's your creative writing?" :D And other way around. You can get on me if I start slacking on my sketches!

  • This I totally need to hear! I have not done any creative writing for a long time. Going to start today! Thanks Nathan!

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