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Hi Everyone!This is just a real quick word to pass on some important information. For a few years, RabidFrog has been struggling along trying to pull together good quality Christian oriented comic books with little to no success. Even though my heart has been in the right place, and my soul has been right with the Father, there have been internal issues with the studio. The Word teaches us to not be "unequally yoked". It's easy to assume this relates only to our relationships and marriage, but I feel that it's this very reason that has held us back. Several years ago, a very good friend and I had a powerful, thriving ministry some of you may remember as "Makar Studios". God spoke things into that ministry; things never realized because of arrogance and immaturity on our part. Because of this, God (yes God did it) drove us apart. At the time, I was arrogant enough to believe it was because I was being held back. Sadly, Caleb felt the same way. What we discovered is that we needed to grow up. So, seperated, we did just that. This past weekend, I made the decision to close the doors on RabidFrog once and for all. I can no longer battle the strain from being yoked with a non-believer. No sooner had I come to this decision than by chance (or not) I ran in to Caleb after four years of seperation. We talked about the Lord, about our lives, about our dreams, and soon realized exaclty what God had been doing in each of us. So, not to be overly presumptious, talks for reviving Makar Studios have begun. If God's will leads us to reclaim what we thought we had lost, watch out! You haven't seen anything yet. Just keep these things in your prayers, if you will. These are just some thoughts and information I felt like sharing.God bless,G. David CooperFormerly of RabidFrog Productions
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  • My condolensces as well as as congratulations in your direction David... although we haven't spoken too much except once at a show and a bit here (very brief I think)... I've often heard good things about you and what you hoped to accomplish. It seems that the hardships will always be there, but also remember and continue to remember that He has a path laid out for us and it's up to us to realize what that path is. It seems that your path has continued to shine and make you aware of other avenues in which you may be able to shine even further for His glory. I pray that you and Caleb are indeed on the same page and that it's on the right path. Praise be to the Father and know that you have allies/comrades and even friends out there when/if you feel need to call on them.

    Be well and be blessed.

    Jesse "Cadre" Hansen
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  • Caleb and I talked and prayed together at length tonight. A lot was said. Apologies were made, and some real communication took place. We both agreed that the time God set us apart was for our own good. It allowed us time to grow individually and learn from the experiences God placed before us. Ultimately, we agreed that the promises God had made to us for Makar Studios were not ours to claim individually. The promises were corporate, and only together will we see them become reality. We are spending the rest of May in prayer for His perfect will, then beginning in June, there will be a Makar Studios Revival. Thank you for your kind words and your prayers. We look forward to seeing what God will do in our lives as we serve him with a common purpose.
  • David,
    I appreciate your very heart felt confession about Rabid Frog and the issues surrounding it and your closing of it. I appreciate that you have shared your heart and mind publicly. Many times I see Christian comics related projects and web sites that are probably over with but there is no official closure. You are left wondering what happened. God will use you in the future by His grace. Thanks again.

  • David, you and Caleb will be in my thoughts and prayers--you can definitely believe that! When I read this post, I almost cried for joy! It is difficult when things are held back for certain reasons, especially with God's promises before you, but just as great things were promised to Abraham, he had to wait patiently for it. God's timing is rarely our own. With that said, may God give you your hearts desires as you seek to humbly serve him and each other.
    God bless!

    --Lisa ;)
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