"733" Issue #1 is for sale

Hi Guys!We've finished issue #1 of the "733" miniseries and have test drove it at the Orlando MegaCon earlier this month. We've been in constant communication with the readers and we've gotten a lot of feedback. Some was good, some not so good. But you take the good with the bad. Most of the complaints were on the quality of the publication. Well, that's not really an issue since they are ash-cans printed on a very large laser printer in my garage. We are about to go to print with "Ka-Blam!" and have a short run of a few hundred printed for marketing and advertising purposes. We hope that next January, we will be publishing through Brenner as we release the series into the mainstream via Diamond Distributors, who have showed great interest in the work.If you would like to order a copy of the book for yourself, it will be available on-line next month at our website. I just need a few days to set it up. These "pre-release" copies will be signed and dated and, if things go well, may actually have value some day. So, this is an investment. ;)Here's a real quick synopsis of the story, in case you are curious:A government contracted company is making clones based on the DNA of a super-human (also known as a variant). There are ten series of clones (i.e. Series 100, Series 200, Series 300, etc.) and each series had a specific purpose to perform. During the course of production, a single clone in the Series 1000 has stood out as the "Perfect Human". Basically, the Adam or Eve of cloning. In order to reproduce this clone, all the other cloning projects were ordered terminated and the clones destroyed. The one single perfect clone was to be studied, disected, and reproduced. Sabotage throws the termination of the project into chaos as a lone man risks everything to save the perfect clone. The 10 series of clones are awakened and released instead of destroyed and they have only one thing on their minds; survival at any cost. In order to cover up this massive blunder and restore order to the choas, a specialist has been called in to deal with the situation. His orders are to capture, contain, and erase the entire ordeal before it becomes public knowledge. 1000 wayward, frieghtened, and powerful creatures are loose and they have the ability to sample the DNA of any human and take that human's identity. How will he find them all and put this travesty to an end. And what of the "Perfect Hunman" clone? Will he be able to find it and bring it back before it is too late? Through a series of events, watch how a seemingly out-of-control situation is divinely guided by the hand of God. Exciting, violent, and action packed, this comic series isn't for everyone, but if you are a sci-fi lover, you've got to read it!Our goal is to have one new issue out every three months available for purchase in paperback or download from the internet up until the January 2009 national release. Get it, read it, and comment. We want to know what you think!Keep us in your prayers.God bless!The RabidFrog Team
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  • ;) I did it for you! Sorry I hadn't actually responded before now. Glad it's easier to view.
  • Okay, the black on green is much easier to read. Thanks for correcting it. (If you did so.
    Sometimes these things just occur on their own, it seems!)
  • looks fine to me.
  • Still too difficult to read!
  • Hey! Contact me about printing, we're cheaper and faster than Kablam! Either way glad to see 733 back in force!
  • This is too hard to read! Black as a background doesn't work.
  • yeah keep me posted when it's ready to order! woo!!
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