Here's a pic I created for the 2010 Memory Verse Calendar for the Australian Bible Society. It's my favourite out of the 13 I drew for the project.

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  • Hey Martin, thanks. I'm sure you could find work in Aus if you look hard enough, but I wouldn't even know which direction to point you in! All my work locally comes mainly from 2 clients and a friend.

    I'm not opposed to doing just colours, but I usually don't just because it usually doesn't pay too good. Let me know if you end up in Aus, i live 2 hours north of Sydney, if you're in my neck of the woods we should hang out!
  • Out of curiosity, are you opposed to doing "just colors"?

  • Hey - I'm busy with layout and design stuff for a variety of clients and doing illustration projects as they come. And some editing.

    I was just curious if there were any Aussie peeps hiring since I would like to visit for a while - and if I had work that was local, it could be to benefit.

    Seeing though, that you are looking for International clients, that tells me what I need to know. All righty - I will also keep you in mind if I get full, and one of my potential clients and your style are a match.

  • Thanks Donald and Martin!

    Martin, yeah there are people hiring in Aus, but they seem to be few and far between. I get most of my work from 3 main clients, but it's not quite enough at the moment, I'm looking into joining an Illustration agency overseas to try and find more work.

    How's your work flow going?

  • Yo, anyone in Aussie land hiring artists?

    Well done.

  • your rendering skills are nice :) Nice job on the water.

  • Thanks, unfortunately you can only get one in Australia :( If you really wanted one bad, you could go to the Bible Society Australia website and probably order one there. They mostly use them as a ministry tool to give to kids at schools; they've been very effective so far, as has the Jesus comic I illustrated.
  • your coloring skills are crazy good man. is this a calendar anyone can buy?
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