The Pole Volume 1 Cover

Full cover for the first volume of The Pole. Synopsis of story and character info on the back.

Art & Story by Christina Cheek

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  • Also wanted to add that I will be setting up FREE online webcomics of this in black and white on our website this coming month, since this book will be about 60 pages, it will take a few months to complete as I have more projects in production as well as this one.

  • Wow, it is an ordeal to go through for something like that. Through the Holy Spirit, God has given me this story for teens like your daughter and those that are too scared to step up and do as God has asked for fear of things like bullying and threat of death, like Danny and his friends face in the story as well as normal teen life, struggles and temptations.  The script isn't complete, but it's going as far as God wants it to go, when he says to stop, I will.  I project that the first issue will be complete by the end of March.  It's my hope that many Christian teens will benefit from this, I know that God has a word for them as much as he does adults, if not more because of the amount of other teens and kids they can reach in their day-to-day activities, from school to sports and other activities.

    Though this message can also be turned towards the adults, as we too can be in the same situation at our workplace, etc. It's oriented towards Teens, but I believe God has made it adaptable to adult lives as well.

    The first preview of the comic should be by the end of this week, each comic will have a free preview of 10 pages :D

  • This sounds like an interesting read, Christina! When will you be finished? :)

    It's hard for teens to assert their faith in the public schools these days and sometimes to even speak up for their beliefs for fear that they might be "marked". My daughter is involved in her Christian community at her school and when they met for "See you at the Pole" a few months back, they were opposed and ridiculed by angry teens who prepared for the event by making their own signs and disrupting their worship, circling around them and yelling. It turned out that the police came and broke up the angry mob, and told the opposers to leave the prayer and praise meeting alone!!! Who would have thought? Still, it's tricky to maintain respect from the other students and to voice your beliefs--may God give these students wisdom! 

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