Solomon's Seven

A line of up the characters for a Christian-themed cartoon series I'm developing.

Each of the kids are given a stone that gifts them with the ability to transform into a hero endowed with abilities inspired by Bible heroes.

They are assembled to find and collect the pieces of an ancient suit of armor.

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  • Matt & Tony - thanks for the encouragment! I'm pretty excited about it!

  • very nice, style and the characters both :)

  • This looks mad!! I'm loving everything about what I'm seeing and reading here, from the concept to the style of your art to the powers of the characters.

    You're onto something here, keep at it, I'm buying what you're selling!

  • Matthew - Thanks for that! I'll keep a look out for it.

    Joe - Much appreciated!

  • Very nice style and idea!

  • really cool idea. i have a feeling i could talk to you for hours about it. really like what you are doing. keep up the good work man. i have a book called disciple 6 soon coming out. talk to you soon man! great great start to something.

  • Thanks, Gerard! I'm designing the series so that, ideally, folks like you ask that exact question. Three more heroes will be added as the story progresses. The inspiration, from left to right: Samson, Elijah, Moses, and Noah - likewise, the kids names are Samantha, Eli, Monica, and Noah ;)

    Here's praying it continues to develop and then backed and produced so you CAN watch the show ;)
  • The art looks great Josh! Hmm, want to know more...why is it called 'Solomon's Seven' with only 4 kids? What stories inspired the heroic forms on the the right? I'll definitely be watching for this show!

  • Thanks, Martin!

  • Ok that's cute - in a good way.

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