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  • Issue #2 - "Samson and the supermodels". ;)

    Masterfully rendered, but the flawless busty women, the piled up skulls and the style of the clothing/tattoos etc make this a bit too Conan-cliche'd. If the title didn't say Samson I'd think this was a fantasy comic. Just an observation.

    Your drawing skills are really impressive though, it's an extremely well-drawn and meticulous cover, just not sure it suits the Samson story.

  • Luis, this is great stuff.  It's very action oriented and really leaps off the page.  I also have to say whoever developed your logo did a fantastic job.  All around quality work.

  • Thank you brother.  I think we need to reclaim this Hero of the faith.  Hebrews 11:32,33 tells us that Samson is righteous.  All the hero's of the faith were flawed (like us :) and were still used by God.  Samson get's a much harder wrap than others.  But again I think that those who came before us saw Samson as a hero and champion and that needs reclaiming.  Thanks again!

  • Hi Luis! I just finished your survey and it asked what I thought of this cover for issue 2 but I had not seen it. Do I think it's too sexy? It -is- sexy, but that adds to the 'Conan-esque' Epic-ness of the art for me. I do not find the art to be a stumbling block, though I was initially surprised to see lovely (and the artist did a fabulous job) maidens in distress on a Christian comic. Is it too violent? No, I don't think so. You make it Epic! (I said that before, but that really fits your book).

    I don't know about other readers but I have a dislike of Samson born of listening to many radio preachers talking badly about him. They stress him being a lustful loser and spiritually as weak as he was physically strong. The story of how God forgives him and uses him for one final victory in spite of his ruining his promise and potential through sin somehow gets lost. But your art and story are attracting me to learning of him. Very well written, I -like- your portrayal of young Samson in issue 1. I think I will buy the books when I can!

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