Two page spread from Vol 2 in Manga Studio, with rulers and page breaks. The second book is in development still. We'll let you know our progress.

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  • Hmmm... I normally just draw straight to paper, but, too many smudges at the end of the finished product. So I think on my next book I'm going to do it the way you suggested. I do have a light box, and you know that comes in handy! I wish I had a scanner though cause sometimes when I'm sketching I draw the perfect pic but it needed to be bigger, Or I would like to recycle faces just make them bigger or smaller. Basically anything that saves time.... and money.(Cause comic boards are expensive)
    I was thinking about blue pencils but your way seems better. I normally trace from a light box for small corrections on a page but i never traced a whole page before. But I'm definitely going to go that route.
    When it comes to inking, I do it by hand. I'm pretty good at it. For now I'm too old school to put it to a computer, but when I have some time I would have to practice that, I'm not familiar with the different art software. By the way your inks are awesome. You're really good^_^
  • I never use blue pencils cause my pencils aren't neat enough, and when they're in blue, it's much harder to chose the best line (too complicated). I use regular mechanical pencils (#5-#7) on cheap 11x17 copy paper, then ink those pencils onto clean comic paper with a lightbox. Do you have a lightbox? (I used to use a window pane with a spot light underneath!) It's best to scan the inks and make necessary corrections with a digital art program like photoshop. You can neaten anything or make tone adjustments.
  • I'm thinking about changing my pencils. Do you use the blue pencil or regular when you draw? Because sometimes for me...on a couple of pages that I have I think there are too many smudges on it for the page to be of any print use.
  • Hi Kyle, I first draw and ink on comic paper, scan, then import into photoshop to clean up line art. I import that into Manga Studio where I add tones and dialogue. Some ppl ink right into the manga studio program, but it never worked well for me. Plus, I can't get the smooth lines in MS as I do in photoshop.
  • hey lisa, ummm, how did you make these pages? did you photoshop them? and what do you use for the screen tones?
  • Thanks so much! It's always best to go forwards and not backwards, but hopefully I'll get there. God bless!
  • wow. you never cease to amaze me with your gift. wow. incredible is the only word I can think of.
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