The Spirit Seeds Book 1 (Page 4)

This is the first page in my 106 paged graphic novel The Spirit Seeds. You can read the first chapter FREE here: Considering supporting me by telling your church and other book lovers about The Spirit Seeds! 😁

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  • @Gerald Teal Thank you!
  • A great work !
  • @Brien Sparling Oh ok good to know! Wasn't sure what the deal was with the replying. I would get emails when someone comments but was hoping there was an easier way. I actually left Facebook awhile ago but thanks for letting me know about it. Well I commented in some groups but I have no idea how to become a member in them and haven't gotten any replies back from anyone either LOL so guessing inactive. Idk how many groups there are on this site but I think I've looked at all of them.
  • Hi Miranda, SInce I lInked CCAS notifications to my email, I saw your reply in a half-day. Another way to communicate is "friending" someone and then using CCAS email to message them (do you see the tiny envelope at the top right of your home page screen?)
    By the way, did you find out how to post to CCAS groups that you're interested in? Some of the groups are more inactive than others, you can tell from the age of the posts how sleepy or active the group is.
    If you are a Facebook fan, CCAS also has a modestly active Facebook site that mirrors this one.
  • Thank you guys! Still don't know how to reply to messages lol so hopefully you see this
  • Creative storyline and solid storytelling skills make chapter1 an engaging read. Well done.
  • I love your work!
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