So, it's been nearly 9 months since I've worked on "The Sparrow". Life gets in the way, and sometimes I talk myself out of working on personal projects because I convince myself it's pointless. But thankfully I've realized how much I missed working on it. And well, here you go Page 5, and now the Sparrow get's to do some fighting! I'm still learning a lot on every page, and it's been so long I had to re-figure out some things. My coloring techniques vary from page to page for example, so you can see some differences as I try to work it out and figure out what works best for me. I hope it's cohesive enough though to not be too distracting. As always any feedback is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks everyone! And it's great to be back at it!

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  • Lol I agree it is pretty cheesy. Thanks for the feedback! :)
  • Great comic! My only problem is the girl saying "Let's dance!" A little on the cheesy side for me...:P

  • Hey Ralph! Sure, I'd love for you to check them out. You can click previous and next to cycle through them up top. Or you can go to my photos, and I have an album called "The Sparrow". Let me know what you think!  And Donny, oh cool not familiar, but Ill check it out.

  • They are a Christian manga group E-zine and art group on DA, I confused your "The Sparrow
     with one of their comics called "Sparrow Café" my bad. :P

  • Looking good.  Is there any way that we can view the previous four pages?  It may give us a chance to see how you tell a sequential story.

  • Hey Donny, No I'm not really sure what Twelve gates is. What's that?
  • My pleasure ;3 Aren't you also a member of Twelve Gates?

  • Hey Donny, thank you for your kind words! :)
  • Maaaan this is awesome!

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