Mormon Meeting

Losely Based on some Mormon's I talked with the other week.

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  • Nice job with your post David, I'm glad you took the time to do it. I've met Jehovah's Witnesses before and have had them in my home a few times. They're lost people and they need serious prayer.

    I offered to pray for one of the the J.W.'s health problems while two of them were in my home one time but they weren't allowed to let me do it.

    I say that all Christians that see them coming pray up and allow them into your home so that you may plant seeds of grace, mercy and God's love in them.

    They're humans that Jesus died for and they need Him just as much as we did and continually do. Pray up and be ready for all your encounters with the lost because we are always in battle and not on the side lines of a war that has waged since before we existed.

    God in us is ready for the battle and He'll win this war against the doctrines, beliefs, lies, and demons that spread them.

    Remember the battle isn't with our fellow humans but with God's and our enemy, Satan, so love the people from religion, atheism, idolatry, agnosticism, etc. and work to bring them into a relationship with Jesus.

    Pray, armor up, ready your Swords, my brothers and sisters; be ready for battle at any time.

    Thank you.

  • Well, I tend to be overly critical, and if the Mormon likes it, then good show!
  • I didn't have enough room to disprove all the mormon beliefs. I will eventually have a story on Mormonism in Modern Christians in the future. The Mormon doctrine has added more unnecessary ideas and beliefs and stories when the Bible was perfect as it is and it was complete. Even a few verses say not to add to the Bible. And based on Joseph Smith's lifestyle and his life history, he couldn't possibly be a man of God to be given athority by God to create a new doctrine. I know an angel meeting with Joseph Smith doesn't make a new gospel, but they claim that angel gave Joseph the golden plates which had the Book of Mormon. Though it was made up since the witnesses later admitted they saw nothing.


      The Mormon's I met that visited seemed to show no interest in the verses and evidence me, my brother and dad gave them and continued to insist going to the book of Mormon. They gave me verses in the book of Mormon to look up, which I did and it didn't show any real support. The idea was that they ignore some verses from the Bible warning of accepting another gospel or another account of Jesus, which made them seem blind. Theres lots of evidence that shows the Mormon beliefs never happened. I know they mean well but they seem blind to the facts. I even went to as they suggested and they quote almost everything from the Bible to show their beliefs and not their own books. It's almost as if they want to appear as just another denomination of Christianity.


    On my deviantart account, I got a lot of praise for it, even a Mormon commented that he liked it and found it funny. The idea is, Galatians 1:6-10 are the verses to use to help the Mormons understand that they are believing a false doctrine and this is slightly based on my experience with them.

  • I am not a Mormon, but the line of reasoning the protagonist uses seems to make LESS sense than that of the Mormons. You seem to believe that extra-Biblical information is in all instances heresy in and of itself. Galatians may say that one should not accept another Gospel, and while Mormons *DO* believe in another Gospel, an angel appearing to Joseph Smith IN AND OF ITSELF does not a new Gospel make. If an angel met with me and told me everything the Bible tells me, that would not in and of itself make my recounting of my angelic meeting heretical. Something about what the angel said to Smith must have been false, and that is never addressed in this comic. The fact that the Mormons maintain that Jesus went to North America and preached to the natives (for all I know or care) is not bad in and of itself - if He did, then that's quite alright with me. The issue with me is not that the Mormons have an extra-Biblical response, so much as they have an ANTI-Biblical response, insomuch that what they say is contrary to what the Bible says. But none of their contradictions are referenced here, when that would be the most edifying to a Christian reader.


    Also, I consider myself the most arrogant individual on CCAS. I am more puffed up than a Cheeto. My swagger is more of a skip. So I want you to keep that in mind when I say, in the kindest vein possible, that this is not the direction you want to take, this smug Christian, the-opponents-will-never-get-it mentality. And I don't say that because I think ostracism is bad (I think making fun of people - gays, Muslims, my mother - is great!). I mean to say that if you are going to satirize and ostracize, you need to do it properly or it just comes off bigoted, boorish, boring and mere singing to the choir. A Mormon who reads this will merely think you suppose all Mormons to be incapable of listening, when that Mormon may very well know better. I have never met a particularly capable argumentative Mormon, but it is silly to reason that none of them exist.I know you created this as a recounting, but a comic such as this one makes the two Mormons, BY CONVENTION, prototypes of all Mormons everywhere.


    Additionally, even in the comic, it is not clear that the Mormons ignored him, so much as they misunderstood him. Your protagonist is being pedantic.


    And because it is clear that the Mormons misunderstood the protagonist, and because it is clear you are mocking some arbitrary flaw of a PARTICULAR group of Mormons and not all Mormons everywhere, and because you have not elaborated on the problem, I believe this comic will not edify any Christians aside from those who are extremely disgruntled with the World around them and those who have some understanding of Mormonism and its contrast to Christianity.

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