Modern Christians 6.15

Okay, If I knew I could finish the next page this fast, I would have done it days ago.

So, heres a part of the story that gets really interesting. In the next few pages, you'll learn about Katy Perry and her upbringing as a Christian. And David Spencer's reactions. Social commentary is one of the things I want to do to make Modern Christians stand out from other Christian comics.

I was thinking of drawing my own pictures of Katy Perry and her parents, but thought it would take too long, since I don't think I am that good at drawing real people yet. But at least I changed the style of the photos to somewhat make the pictures look like they were hand drawn, so it doesn't look that out of place with my comic.

Though....I have wondered if I am doing copyright infridegement by taking these photos. Which I hope not since theres plenty of Katy Perry photos around being used. But if so, I guess I could take a lot of time to draw my own photos.

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  • I wouldn't worry too much about cc issues at this level. Mostly you get on the radar when you make enough money or generate enough stink to get lawyers involved. In my professional life I deal with lawyers often and they seek the big fat slow fish. So if you dont fit this build you should be good. Another idea is creating a "Katy Perry" parody type character, i.e. taking some elements from her life, adding your own, and some from another real person. Change the hair color/style in photo shop. OR ask one of your CCAS brothers/sisters to draw you some look alike art for these pages. (bro.. Im just a email, text, or IM away).

  • Thanks for the advice guys. :)

  • I'd check the copyright laws on photo usage. You might be fine, since she is a public figure, but I don't know for sure.

    Outside of that, I like what you have going on here. My personal opinion is that you should continue on in the style that you are doing and after you finish find out what you have to change. I agree that the photography does sell the story better. It implies that it is more biographic. I look forward to seeing more. God Bless!

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