Leg Lengthening Trick

In case you didn't know, a lot of televangelist faith healers use this dirty trick, which has been around a long time to give the illusion of a leg growing, when people with one leg shorter than the other need a miracle. Skeptics have exposed it and other tricks so called faith healers use and thanks to them, non-believers refuse to listen to us. They see all faith healers as snake oil salesmen.

But there are authentic faith healers out there. You just have to look carefully and see their walk with God and look at the evidence presented. Most likely you will find the real faith healers in small, spirit filled churches, which look pretty simple and run down, but the people inside show a real love of Jesus. My own Dad has even watched real faith healings done and knows some people who got healed.

Here's a video of what to me looks like an authentic leg lengthening. And even authentic healing of blindness towards the end. I can't see any tricks done off or on camera to fool viewers. No touching of the guys feet is needed! No bending of knees either. And the rest of this guys healing videos look pretty authentic too, based on what i see, what he says, the reactions of the people, some non-believers choosing to believe and what the healer writes in his blog. Hope this video and the rest of them increase your faith in Jesus. Jesus still heals today!

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  • Thats great Mike!

  • A teenage girl in the church I am apart of had her leg grow 2" in a week. We as a body laid hands on her. I love how God is alive and active. I love hearing healing testimoney. I always think about how Jesus told his deciples to basically "Go preach the kingdom, oh and by the way, if there are sick people heal them." Like an order. There was no doubt in his mind. He said to do it, so it was done. It was normal, and will become normal again!!!

  • Praise God. Indeed He's still in the healing business.

  • I have seen a true faith healing, and it was in a small run, spirit filled church. I knew the person healed and knew personally of his ailment. He was handicapped and had difficulty walking. He was healed and he ran and didn't stop running until God called him home. It was a wonderful thing. It allowed for me to understand that God is still in the healing business.

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