Freddy Krueger the Evangelist

I made this comic to show Christians that no time is a bad time to incite the lost to search their hearts! Also, I made this comic because Freddy Krueger is the man of my dreams.

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  • Hi Sven, I'm not asking for a debate here, I don't disagree with what you are teaching. It's truth, I just think a follow up strip would be a good idea. Someone very wise PMed me to talk with me after I posted here, and I think personally I can look back at my pre-saved condition and now and see a big difference. Yet I am not sinless, though I do 'sin less' so to speak. What leads to panic is the tendency to take a snap shot view of myself. I am not sinless now, I still battle some addictions. Therefore am I unsaved because I do not obey Christ? Yet taking a moving picture view of my life I see I do not smoke or drink anymore. I do not rage and wish harm on those who abuse me the way I used to. So, something is happening in my life, that I like to imagine is the Holy Spirit working on my life, which He would not do if I wasn't saved. Well, flawed or not that is my thinking.

    I just think extreme care should be used with passages like these. No accusation intended, it's a very good strip. I just thought a follow up strip would be nice, after the scalpel is used, it's time for stitches and healing. It's just my opinion as someone who has wrestled with these kinds of teachings a long time.

  • SHOCK GOSPEL! This is like a modern day parable. I think it is good and creative that you used this medium and story to illustrate your point. Parables are effective teaching tools but if the teacher uses a parable that the student can't identify and comprehend then the parable looses its effectiveness, thus the message looses its effectiveness. I wish that those who preach, teach, and nagg would take your lead. Then more of those who are outside of the faith might come too it, or at the very least better understand it. Sven you pulled out a win on this one... 

  • Gerard: I have no intention of debating or being unkind, but I am curious to know what you've concluded when you sorted out your feelings. How can a Christian know he is saved?

  • Dear Sven,

    I was very frightened by your 'Boy and the Moon' story, and here is another one with a similar theme. I have now sorted out my feelings. I really believe your heart is in the right place with these messages, and there is no questioning that you are presenting Biblical Truth. What I would like to ask you is if you could run a follow up strip. Now that you've challenged all Christians to examine whether they are saved, show us how they can know if they are or not. Obviously a sinless life isn't a criteria for being saved. When people are grappling in the 'Gray' area of 'I sin sometimes, how do I know if that makes me merely a flawed Christian or hellbound?' how can they know? I used to be paranoid about verses like 'The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit' and read every commentary I could. And many Pastors say that hyper-sensitive people live in anguish and terror of some of the hard verses in the Bible. Including the ones you are presenting. Yet, these verses are Truth, and need to be said sometimes. Please help equip us to know whether we are saved, now that you have challenged us to ask that question?

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