Celestine (OC)

Ike's youngest sister. the Hirigana says "Happy Heart".

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  • I've never used blue outlines, those make it more difficult for me. 

    I use my basic mechanical pencil for roughs, drawing one big circle for the head, little circles for the joints, and long lines to connect the joint circles. (To make arms, legs, shoulders, etc.) 

    As long as the lines (For both forearms, both shins, etc.) are the same length as its counterpart, the rough draft should be helpful. Just keep the lines light enough to erase even after you've drawn the final draft. Inking before erasing these lines can make all the difference. 

    I hope this was helpful! If not, let me know and I'll post pictures of what my rough drafts look like. 

  • How do you go about getting body proportions etc worked out? Reading some anime/manga, they talk about sketching the outline first with blue lines then erasing later - do you do these all in a single pass? Rough them in with simple pencil lines first? Just curious.

    (I normally draw, rather infrequently, on computer/ipad - and looking at some of the software packages around now some include a 3D model of a human body you can rotate around etc - so it makes getting body proportions easier - you just draw over the top then remove the model later. So its still your artwork, but you don’t need to do the roughing in and get proportions right first... This app for example has free version. “Magic Poser - Art Pose Tool by Wombat Studio, Inc.”. You probably don’t need those sorts of tools any more maybe! I on the other hand need to cheat! :-)

  • I'm glad you like it! : )

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