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Feb 26
Hi again. I've just discovered that some of my art has been stolen and is being sold on a site called does anyone have any experience/advice? Thanks. GOD bless

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  • Hi Bert, happy to hear they responded well, and acted quickly!

  • Thanks for the comments & the advice, Jen and Marcus. In the end, I did send an email along with some photos and told them to take it down. To their credit, they responded very quickly and they took it down and told me that they had given the person responsible the equivalent of a 'slap on the wrist'. I feel a little less anxious and annoyed about the whole experience. I'm new to posting stuff online so it was quite upsetting for me. I've gotten a bit paranoid about posting my stuff online and have been checking google and bing image searches. I did discover a site, thanks to the Redbubble blog posts, called Pixsy that searches for possible infringements of your pictures. It has different levels; I'm just on the free plan as I can't afford to pay. The web address is

    GOD bless

  • Hi Bert, I have experienced this many times with original tshirt designs. I've had great results simply by sending an email to the infringing sites, requesting a take-down. Typically they don't want to spend the time proving they do NOT have copyrighted material, and will take down the images.

    If you're not familiar with DMCA Take Down Notices, Google "how to submit a dmca takedown notice". There are people out there who try to charge you to "submit a professional DMCA". This shouldn't be necessary, just another avenue for people to make money. I've always sent my own, with a simple email containing screenshots of the stolen images on their sites, and my claim of ownership and approx. date of creation. I advise that you not send your Art to them, just another way for it to get stolen. I always make sure my email Subject Title is: DMCA Takedown Notice - Notice of Claimed Infringement" . The title is very important, to gain the right attention.

    "A DMCA notice informs a company, web host, search engine, or internet service provider that they are hosting or linking to material that infringes on a copyright. ... DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A DMCA notice is also known as a DMCA takedown notice or a DMCA request."

    Here are a couple of links with good information:

    Try this first, and see if it helps.

    Did a Website Steal Your Content? Sample Request to Take it Down
    The DMCA sets up a procedure by which an unhappy copyright owner can seek to have an ISP remove infringing works under its “notice and takedown” proc…
  • what did you do? ?

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