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Christian Comic Arts Chatroom

Hey all, 

I'm wondering if it might be cool to have a Christian comic IRC channel available? For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, it basically stands for Internet Relay Chat, and it happens to be the most popular form of chat for communities and grou

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What is CCAS?

I have been on this page for 6 years, and it occurred to me today that I have literally no idea what CCAS even does. The About page talks of various publications I cannot seem to find except Proverbs and Parables, which seems to cost a lot from the s

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Christian Comic Review

toplogo.gif?width=700Hello friends,

Sometime ago I suggested creating a Christian Comic E-zine. I noticed that oftentimes, CCAS has many awesome projects and strips show up on the main screen before disappearing into oblivion after status updates and other content is push

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Buzz... Competition...

Buzz, for whatever reason you seem like someone people respect here, and you have some notoreity.


You should start creating a stir in this little community by proffering a challenge for next month. The way to build community, even a Christian Comic A

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Webcomic Artist

Hey all, I would like to work with someone on creating a Christian webcomic. I like to draw but I am not always so confident about my writing. I'm interested in a writer who is interested in creating a humorous Christian webcomic that doesn't focus o

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The Kamishibai Man

Hey everyone, I wanted to post some pencil/ink scans with textboxes of a Christian webcomic I'm wanting to write called The Kamishibai Man. I wanted to ensure that the flow and story made sense - I wasn't too sure that the Kamishibai's singing made s

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