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  • Thanks so much for the kind words Sir! I really appreciate the warm welcome. I didn't know that there was a site like this so I'm crazy excited to be a part of this.

    I already posted some of my art from last year so feel free to take a look at it when you have the time. I'll be sure to post some blog posts as well and more pictures!

    Thanks again!
  • I wish we had had something like that. Integrating the comic thing is totally new, but as soon as we get some shows like that you can bet your mom's left arm it will be video taped. Our next major event will be May22 and hopefully we will have access to a hi-def professional video camer. Lord willing, we will see. Appreciate the support Scott, take it easy man.... Joshua
  • Hi, Scott - thanks for the invite! Have a great night!
  • wow you've been very busy. hey it's me Erica. Sorry i've taken so long, been busy with school. Sometimes i get discouraged, as i'm making my comic it seems no one really reads it. They just flip through the pages. Sometimes i feel like giving up, what should i do?
  • Hey Scott, same group lol. I just wanted to put up a group profile so all of us would have equal access to discussion that takes place and a central place for all of us to get to know the artists.

    I've been getting to know a lot of the artists on here and the synergy is awesome. The band feeds off of the art and the artists feed off of the music. All of the ground work to raise an environment where collective projects can flourish are in place on this sight. Off of this ning, I can see a nice little garden of Christian media and entertainment outlets taking root. Several people have already offered to help us with our projects. I would like to see some leadership come in and say hey, we would like to dip into the CCAS pond to create a cartoon or anime film; or we would like to hold a contest to give some people on here better opportunities; or even to create standards and an award ceremony where great work can be recognized and awarded.

    I will say though that for all intesive purposes the people specializing in comics and the people specializing in hard rock and metal are a great fit for each other. If nothing else happens, I can say that the work that our mediums can do together will probably flourish for a long time to come.

    Ok, this is already too long for a comment lol, but our pictures haven't been approved yet and I was just wondering how long it usually takes.
    Thanks Scott, take it easy man... Joshua
  • Hey, Scott! Actually I heard of you folks from a Christian writer friend of mine, Lou Carlozo, at the Chicago Tribune (I work in the news graphics department). Lou and I worked on a comic feature that we were unsuccessful in selling. We thought your sketchbook might be a nice place to submit a few panels so that the idea isn't sitting dead in a file drawer! I've written to Ralph regarding submission criteria.

    The icing on the cake was discovering this cool Christian social network for artist/cartoonists! I'll be exploring it over the next few weeks to see what's up. I may be a bit slow adding visual content but it'll happen. For now you can see a sample of some of my work at my website:
    Rick Tuma - Artist Portfolio
    Rick Tuma illustrations, infographics, design
  • Hi Scott. Thank you for your comments and for welcoming me to this site. I didn't hear you on Moody radio but I did use to work as supervisor of their bookstore years ago. A friend and colleague actually forwarded the link and I think it is an amazing site. I look forward to connecting with you guys as well, especially since we're praying about moving to California. We're trying to escape this frigid weather. Blessings!
  • Hi Scott, I'm really impressed with the organised way this network works, it's very much like facebook- a question you might know- is there a way to look at other member's favorite pictures?
  • Thats great! I went to the comic con in 2005, 2006. I was amazed! So much talent and creativity!!!
  • Thank tou very much Scott! Glad to be here! I hope I can use my art to reach someone and maybe make a differance!

    I saw your slideshow, was that San Diego Comic Con you were at?
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