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  • I know Paul and I really didn't mean to come off lecturing you.
    I know what you mean about fan fiction cause I've written a lot of it, but at the same time I've always had a lot of stories of my own. :-)
    Anyway, I'm glad you'll be behind me but I'm gladder still that God will always before me!
    God bless,
  • Aww, that's a bummer.
    For me in the past three years I had to learn how to draw, letter, ink, and write comics all out of necessity since I couldn't find any one to help me. I guess it all good cause I have to just say it's all from God cause I know on my own I'm soo not capable of anything.
    Speaking of... I already heard the same caution advice you gave from other writers in the past few weeks, but I'm a firm believer in God giving the last word. After all who knows what He can do? Yeah, I know I can't live in la la land about things, but I also don't like limiting God either... So I just keep in mind that the same God who has worked in the lives of others around me can work in mine despite the challenges that the world presents. Rambling ack sorry... I know you mean well Paul and I appreciate the information.
    God grant you favor,
  • Yay, you know that joke! *Marx Bros Fan* ;-)
    How are Joey and Tom in person?
    I live down south so I haven't had a chance to meet them only write a couple of stories for Megazeen.
    Speaking of.. what kind of stories do you most like writing?
    God grant you favor,
  • Thanks, all well, Paul! Have a new book coming out any day now, and am hard at work on another graphic novel, both via my imprint. Otherise, I'm busy teaching at the Kubert School (and homeschoolers one day at week at a local church). How about yourself?
  • You know Joey? So are you on the forums? I'm Queen of Naboo there... well not literally. ;-P
    Um I doubt you'll turn into, Curly. Although it wouldn't be bad if you turned into Groucho Marx then you could shoot elephants in your pajamas, lol!
    God Bless,
  • LOL yea, I wasn't into those pj's with the socked feet, too annoying because well, lol, I was about 6 or 7 and only was able to read a few ( Mom's one of those who thinks comic's are for boys *giggles*) that I could get a hold of, the one i remember most is the one with Sonic getting introduced to Knuckles, who's my fave character ^^ I liked overly large T-shirts as sleeper shirts and boys' long johns :D ( RE: I was brought up in a farming family, lol, which I am proud of ^^)
  • Hi Paul, glad you posted a photo of yourself, now I can visualize what you look like!
  • Hello, Paul! Just missed you at the COMIX35 training event in Delaware (we taught on two separate days), but did manage to share a "spiritual themes in comics" panel with you, Buzz Dixon, and others at the NY Comic Con last year. Here's a photo from that event:

    Kind regards in Christ Jesus,
  • Thanks for the welcome, Christina. Yep, you may have still been in those PJ's with the feet while reading one of the two Sonic stories I wrote... old codger that I've become! ;)
  • Hey Jeremy, I'm within walking distance of Pizza-Land, which is the WORST PIZZA EVER (and that's saying something because bad pizza is rarer than dinosaurs in New Jersey)! :) Also close-by: Satriale's Pork Store, which is just fake signage on an old brick building. They're selling the bricks by the way. All wasted on me - I think I bailed on that show after the first episode! :)
This reply was deleted.