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  • Hi Mike. Sorry it took a while to get back about the friend request. I've been busy over Christmas & got distracted. Sorry! GOD bless

  • Hi Mike & thanks for the welcome. I was on this site before (as Indiginous Bert) but lost touch & forgot the log in info (that & I no longer have the original email) I've put up a few pictures if you're interested. GOD bless

  • I did a quick search and found several books that have on.line exerpts: The Physics of superheroes. By Kakalios 2009,  and  The Secret Science of Superheroes. By Lorch an Miah 2017. Both books have science explanations on how supers like Magneto can use electricity and Magnetism to fly.

  • Thank you Mike; I always appreciate your positive comments on my efforts.

    How to make your Character fly is as much a style statement as their outfit, and don't have to have any grounding in logic. Thor's hammer and Wonder Woman's lasso make no sense, they were just already part of their outfits. In Roland Dahl's children's story, the BFG, the Giant can fly after drinking bubby juice and farting, (Merely an example of the wide range of possibilities beyond having wings or riding a winged mascot.)

    One more thought: if the flying ability depends on a piece of equipment then it can be lost or stolen; if it depends on an appendage then it can be injured. These 'problems' can be used in future plot-possibilities.

  • Thank you for the welcome! I was on vacation for a while and couldn't figure out how to properly comment back!

  • Thanks for your comment on my status.
  • Thank you for the name of the sequential artist! I went and looked him up,and was very impressed with what I found! Will Eisner is now a familiar name for me. :)

  • Thanks! I really enjoyed re-creating Spiderman and putting a spin on his story for Christ. 

  • Its cool that we have shared interests in science, history and cartooning. Look forward to seeing some of your thoughts in discussion and blog. Also, since I am naturally nosey, do you have any scripting/writing projects on your horizon?

  • Thanks I look forward to acquiring them and reading through them. The one main thing I think I struggle with is professionalism with my work, like when you read the comic section of the newspaper or in a comic book being able to put my work into the boxes. 

This reply was deleted.