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  • I'm looking for an illustrator. Please reply to friend request.

    Thank you,

    Ron Walker

  • Hi ya, I know you like Christian comics so I know you'll love The Word for WORD Bible Comic(Unabridged, historically accurate graphic novel of the Bible with a high view of scripture. For ages 15+) 

    To complete the first book I need your help, as I am raising funds on Kickstarter. My passion is to get God's Word in full into the hands of young believer and unbelievers and comic lovers of all ages, in the hope they will come to really know God. Please check it out at the KS page, it's going well but I still need lots of backers so I hope as a CCAS member you'll please pledge to support this project...

    If you are concerned about the accuracy and faithfulness to the text please read this Blog...

    PS - Please add me as a friend here on CCAS

    The Word for WORD Bible Comic-100+pg Graphic Novel (Judges)
    Hard hitting, unabridged graphic novel of the Book of Judges that is historically accurate with high view of scripture. For ages 15+
  • Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. I am a free-lance illustrator who does art for a number of popular licenses, as well as make appearances at a number of Comic Cons around the country.  When I am not working on those projects I spend my time developing self-published works through my christian based art company, Studio Three16.

  • Thanks, Matt! That David pic is a great image - I was able to check out your other work as well (we're looking at ZooWhiz with my 7-year old, she loves working to add animals to her zoo!)

    Things are going well! Thanks for asking. It's contract-to-contract at this moment. Most of my work has been for children's book illustration and graphics/animations for interactive games/books. Right now I'm working on illustrations for more books in a chapter book series that debuted in January (Zeke Meeks).

    I've also been exploring work for children's ministry - I have a couple concepts I'm hoping to produce. 

    We'll see what happens!

    What's in the works for you?

  • Yeah, always been Christian, my story is somewhat complicated though. The short version is my mother has schizophrenia, she had her first episodes when I was around 10, my little brother and sister and I spent a while going in and out of foster homes and relatives houses. She attempted suicide when I was 13, thankfully I found her and got help, after that we lived with another uncle for a while. When I was 15 she had another episode, my brother and sister went and lived with friends and I was homeless for quite some time. You spend a lot of time praying when you're homeless, just for small mercies like food or shelter, or just to be left alone. I don't want it to sound like a sob story, I'm grateful for all of it, if it hadn't happened I wouldn't be who I am now and wouldn't have the relationship with God that I do. I'm one of a few blessed people to have a traumatic childhood and come out of it a relatively well rounded and happy individual and I can only put that down to God.
    I'm 23 now, living with my fiance, the both of us are going to university. My Mum is medicated well now and you wouldn't even know she had a problem, she married an awesome guy that I get along with well and who looks after her. Mum, even while sick, was always deeply spiritual. She was always reading the bible and debating me on topics of religion. I still enjoy debating with her, but she's mostly deaf so it's hard over the phone and she lives quite a long way away. Apart from her, my brother is also Christian, but he's not the talk-about-it type.
    Sorry, didn't mean to type so much, haha..
  • Yeah, I'm really happy with it man. The tattooist I have working on it is very talented. It's still very much a work in progress, more lines to do yet and then colour, may take a month or two. 
    I'm hoping it's a good conversation starter.. Apart from my Mum and brother (who I don't live near) I don't know any other Christians.. I have so much to say about God and nobody to say it to, hopefully this will change things.
  • Hey Matt, check my page for the pictures of the tattoo. It's a work in progress, only lines so far. Very little changes have been made to your images. Let me know what you think :D


  • Like you said, only for the rest of my mortal days. I'm just getting some of the bible texts translated into aramaic now, I'll start the tattoo when that's done. Thanks again, man, I think it's gonna look pretty sweet.
  • Yeah, going to be a full sleeve on my right arm. I'm getting the pages with the crucifixion and at the bottom on the back of my right hand I'm getting the picture of Jesus with his hand outstretched with the halo design behind.
    I'm going to get the tattooist to stencil it on, I want it to be exactly the same.. It's funny, I've always wanted a comic book version of Jesus' story tattooed on me, but never found the right look. Strangely enough I stumbled on your comic in the most unlikely place, it was in the chemical shed at a factory that I used to work, I saw it and knew straight away that's what I wanted. I took it as a sign that God did want me to do it after all. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I'll post pictures as it progresses. 

  • Hey Matt, I don't know if you still check this sight, but if you do I thought you might like to know that I'm getting a few pages of The Story of Jesus comic tattooed on a sleeve on my arm. Only thing I'm changing is I'm going to use the original scriptures instead of the paraphrased ones and they're going to be in Aramaic. Thanks heaps man, I'll inbox you the pics when it's done.
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