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  • Lisa, the PDF of "Adventures with Zoey" #1 is available now and I told you that I'd send you one, could I get your email? Thanks!

  • Lisa let me know which reward u chose on kickstarter as ur backing amoubt didnt match a reward- I need to know so when the kickstarter is successful I can have a list. Also, ur backing amount doesnt go through on ur card or anything if its not successful. Thanks!
  • heheheh..thank u for ur support..aminnnn.......yui i sell them online and some christian store.Btw is my fb request accepted?i didint see it..or maybe my net get down..hehehe

  • hai lisa..ur draw and ur  mission are great..i add u in my facebook..please accept.

  • Wow, your manga is beyond gorgeous!! I can't wait to read it!!! Great work!!!! Keep it up~~~!

  • Hello! I was over at your website and was able to buy the new expanded "Shelter of Wings" vol 1 in printed and pdf today. I know I will love them because I once had the earlier edition awhile ago, and remember loving it. I remembered today your forum and message board and the way you gently cared for all the young fans and aspiring artists, and it touched my heart all over again. I will pray for you and your ministry, and my best wishes go with you as well.

  • Hey Momma my bad for not getting back at you.  I've been good.  Haven't touched the music in a while, but it's on my schedule in the next few months.  The album is almost done I just have to record one more verse and rerecord a verse that I can make better.  I've been working on a children's book for a writer who was in dire need of an illustrator. The story is very powerful, and it deals with children and autism. I just  finished it a few days ago so now it's on it's way to print. Can't wait to hear from you, if it's in a couple of months that's cool.  I think that's how we do. LOL.  Later.

  • I just spent the last 5 hours reading the entire first vo. of shelter of wings and th first few pgs of vol 2 and I have to say it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Wondrful artwork, story & pg flow, very insirational & I couldn't stop laughing at Toby! The angel that holds he cup of tears ade my eyes water up-bravo & may God bless you so much that yo're using you're talents for him. As I read this I couldn't help but feel as if the manga was specifically for me-it spoke to my spirit about a lot and has answered some questions I've had for awhile to which I wondered why God had been silent on. Thank you for being a willing vessel to further His kingdom!!
  • I checked out "Shelter of Wings" I'm a manga nut, where can I buy it!?!?! :D Gotta start with volume 1 lol.

  • Hey I was thinking about you. Just checking in to see how you are doing.  Hope all is well with you momma.  Enjoy Your Day!!!

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