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T-Minus 7 days to O-boy web comic launch!

Just one week until the first strip of my web comic with Kevin Lintz titled O-Boy!

I love Comics and cut my eye teeth on the old fashioned print versions.  I also love webcomics and the access the internet gives to creators and fans alike.  However, as I began work on my own webcomic, I felt like there were certain things I would like to do differently.  One example is the title page.  For some webcomics I have read, I see a buildup for the launch or next chapter only to find the first post is simply a title page!  A little frustrating since I want to get right into the story.  So I decided to post the title page a week before the official launch so that when we start next week we will start in ch. 1.  So Enjoy the title page and stay tuned for the first strip next Tuesday!3448614039?profile=original

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Villain Character Design

This is a character design for a villain named Glooma.  Glooma is the main villain for an idea I am working on titled O-Boy.  She was once a being of light called Gloria but she fell into darkness.  I was inspired by C.S. Lewis White Witch.  I think good villains are important for a super hero type story.  Batman has the Joker, Penguin, Ras al Ghul (I hope I spelled it right), Bane, etc.  Spider man has Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Electro, the Lizard, Sandman, Venom etc.  And I could go on with the likes of Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom, the Red Skull, and many others you know.  Villains make heroism shine.  In the same way what the devil means for evil God works to good showing how worthy He is.  Though Satan rages it only makes God's glory shine brighter. 

There are some proportion issues in my drawing but overall I like the design.  would love any feedback.  God bless.3448613348?profile=original

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Just Glad to be here

Just adding a Blog post.  My first on CCAS.  Glad to be a part of this community and thankful for some of the great people I have already met.  Can't wait to explore some more and see what folks are up to.  In the meantime, God bless you all as you bring glory to your creator by being creative!3448613337?profile=original

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