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  • KURT SCHAFFENBERGER??? MAN, I thought that I was on an island by myself! Kurt's artwork is RARELY acknowledged when it comes to the greats. I'm SO pleased that there's someone else who speaks "Schaffenberger"! Do you know if he's still alive? I know that Mr. Swan went home about 10 years ago...
  • Thanks for adding the photo, Jimmy. Intriguing arrangement you have, but apparently i
    works out. Gary Robinson had to have quadruple bypass surgery last summer to
    relieve clogged arteries. I'm trying to take care of myself through watching what I
    eat (mostly) and daily exercise (mainly in-place walking). I'm at risk for diabetes,
    so I have to be extra careful. Karen still has her usual health issues, plus more, and
    desperately needs to lose weight.
  • Hi John,

    I'm in Florida about 6 months total throughout any given year. Katie is still working up in Maryland and I'm sure appreciates me being "out of her hair" as much as I enjoy the peace and quiet.

    So many things have changed around since my bypass surgery. Please, do the best you can to take good care of your mortal body... I'm blessed to still be in the Land of the Living, but it's been rough! Thankfully, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Trust me, no one you know (or even dislike) wants to ever have to go through this!!

    Will send both snail-mail addresses in a separate note.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying retirement. Surprising how much there is to keep us busy. And I thot I'd be bored.

    Hope Karen is well, please give her my best.

  • Hi John,

    Sorry about the email switch... the whole move thing was rather quick. Yes! I did receive your package. Thank you for sending it. Jonni Star is such a great character I hope you do much more with her.
  • ::lol:: No relation known, but who knows? Thanks for adding me to your friends. God bless!
  • Hi John, thanks for the add! You know, I don't think I've ever seen your picture before in A-O, and can't help but notice that you bear a slight resemblance to Conrad Janis (the dad from 'Mork and Mindy')
    Then again, I'm always spotting weak celebrity likenesses... :)
  • Ddd Aye Spall dis raight?
  • Hey John!!! Where did you learn to speak fluent Spanish? Mi espanole es muy mal, as you can see. I teach at a school where the student population is 99% Latino and has been all the years I have taught there. It has been a great place to teach and we have an outstanding student body. But I do look forward to retirement in the next 6 to 10 years, which will probably fly by.
  • Greetings John, thanks for being my friend. As I read I see that you are highly favored in the ranks of AO and CCAS.-Cool! I love Christian comic vetrans. Seems we have a "thing" for the big red cheese in common, I've always been a Cap fan. Speaking of mighty mortals, tell me about Jonni Star, she seems interesting.
    until we speak again, take care.
  • Hey John!
    Thanks for the comment on my page!
    I was looking at your favorite creators...I loved
    the classic artist of captain Marvel Jr.
This reply was deleted.