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My Content






June 11

Which Category best describes you?

Amateur Artist


Blackburn, Lancashire

Area(s) of Interest or Expertise:

I am scholar, have a BA (Hons) in History, an MA in Baroque Studies from the International Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta, and a Diploma from International Correspondence Schools. I have loved comics all my life, and drawn several of them. I have been trying to write a book with scenes from the Bible, after visiting Jerusalem. Still working on this, and working on a story about four young novices, new entrants into the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Malta (the original Order formed in 1087 and established by Pope Paschal II's Bull, Pio Postulatio Voluntatis in 1113) which I am also illustrating. This story is inspired by the French Knight Mederico de Blondel des Croisettes (1628-1695) who was Resident Engineer for the Knights of Malta in Hospitaller Malta during 1659-1695). Blondel was a younger brother of the famous polymath Nicolas-Francois Blondel, whom we believe, paved the way for him to join the Order of St John. I undertook research into his life and military and civil architecture in Hospitaller Malta and produced the dissertation "The Military and Civil Architecture of Baroque Malta and the Chevalier de Malte Mederico de Blondel des Croisettes" (1999) I am very fond of the Knights because I was raised in Valletta, within its City walls and attended Mass in churches built by the Order: fine arts and other legacies of the Knights were all around us, and we took pride in its history, not least the Great Siege. Other than this, however, nowadays I have Muslim friends and stand up for equal rights. Church history both fascinates and horrifies me, as I am currently writing an article about Galileo Galilei for the Catholic Society of Arts (United Kingdom).

My Testimony: (We encourage members to share briefly about how their faith in Christ has impacted their lives.)

I joined the Christian movement for inner healing and peace in 2008, and it has really impacted on my life! I pray for healing everyday and since 2011 have been running a website Link To El Shaddai, and during this pandemic have joined with Catholic Blackburn to pray. It has been this movement for inner healing which returned me to producing Christian art (I used to read the Bible as a child, always attending Mass and drawing and painting the occasional scene from the Bible) but then I went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land! That was what restarted my interest in producing Christian art. I thought nothing of it at the time, but when it was almost too late, I showed my drawing to the founder of El Shaddai who said: "These are powerful images - put them in a book!" I followed his suggestions but couldn't get the book out, but was never really disappointed - I just took it as read that I simply wasn't really ready to publish! I keep praying to entrust my life and my family's to God, even and especially when things are going wrong in my life. I was very ill at one time and couldn't seem to cope: after going to one of El Shaddai's healing Conferences (a whole weekend of healing masses) I returned home full of hope and "began to be a different person". I will never forget that weekend which I write about in my book. I also work with my husband, who doesn't share my faith and am trying to set up websites of my own so that I don't need to depend on [anti-] social media to promote my works. I hate the way Facebook has gone.

Dream Job: (If you could have your dream job in the comics industry, what would it be?)

I am not sure that, at my age, 61 years, anyone is going to give me a dream job. I am trying to write a story about Knights, running websites on Facebook which I want to transfer to websites I will build for myself. But if I could have my dream job, it would be creating the characters I studied, like Mederico Blondel, others that I am creating, based on his life and times, and illustrating my research. I am a writer as much as an artist, so I would want to be doing both. I am never short of ideas for long...

Favorite Comic Creators:

Stan Lee and Chris Claremont