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My Content


October 24




Area(s) of Interest or Expertise:

Drawing (traditional, digital), sculpting, painting. I'm into Christian: Heavy Metal, hardcore & punk rock!!! ;)

My Testimony: (We encourage members to share briefly about how their faith in Christ has impacted their lives.)

I am a non-denominational born again Christian, but I grew up in Catholicism & Witchcraft. In my house hold Catholicism and witchcraft went hand in hand kind of like Latinos who practice Santeria, we thought nothing wrong of it. My older brother was a HEAVY drug addict, but the first to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He moved home free of drugs and brought Christian Heavy metal music with him which he shared with me. I remember being 13.5 years old, sitting in my bed room listening to i believe it was Vengeance Rising and reading the insert of the cassette, yes, cassette not cd! Lol! XD In the insert it had this crazy long haired preacher called Past Bob. He explained Salvation and the sinners prayer was there to pray if you so chose. So, I sat in my room and said,"God if your real and would choose me then prove it." So, I began to pray the sinners prayer with great sincerity in my heart. I suddenly had this unbelievable experience! I suddenly felt as though someone has taken a warm vessel of oil and began pouring it over my head! I could feel it running down my face and body and the way down to my feet! It covered me with warmth that penetrated my body to the core and I was filled with this overwhelming peace and joy which I couldn't explain! I head never heard if anything like this before and really didn't know 100% what to think if it, but I felt that God had met me and it blew me away! My family began going to a non-denominational church and we learned about renouncing things such as witchcraft and being delivered of the spirt and all those necessary things. My whole family is saved now and all follow Jesus Christ! I'm married and have a daughter of my own and I try to raise her up in the path she should follow so that she will not depart from it. ;) I also do art if course and I hope to use it for God's purposes. So far I have been blessed to do art for some Christian bands and Record labels. I'm also working on my first comic for a Christian band and their label.

Dream Job: (If you could have your dream job in the comics industry, what would it be?)

I guess my first choice would be penciling, but I'm also teaching myself inking and trying to improve my coloring. ;)

Favorite Comic Creators:

Hmm...that's tough. I pay more attention to the art of comics then to who creates the comics, but I guess I'd have to say...Todd Mcfalane, Stan Lee, David Finch, hmm, many more that I might not even know their names. :D