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  • Thanks QoN! ;)
  • "I gave Anthony Rodriguez a bad time for doing the same thing to another person here. If he finds out, he'll never let me live it down! LOL " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........haha.........ha..........*sigh*

    ....Anyway, No, i don't think i read your Jackket/Crow Crossover. Hows about a link, eh?
  • No hurry. I figured it was something like that.:):):)
  • I certainly didn't mean to discourage you, Souba, and there is some value in working on stories with preexisting characters in that it can keep you sharp. It's just that that's all a lot of people ever do, and often they don't grow as a result. That's why I'm glad you're developing your own storyline as well. That's not to say your Star Wars story won't end with success; just that historically it has been the other way around. Either way, keep writing and know that I and others (especially the Lord) are behind you with encouragement! :)
  • Even though I went to school for art, I prefer to leave that to the pro's, so I just write my scripts.

    Sounds like you have some good things going. I would encourage you to put the most energy into your own stories, as opposed to already-existing comics - my experience has been that most publishers of famous comic titles already have a line-up of writers and back-up writers ready to go; but what they are most interested in is seeing new writers who can write compelling stories with beginnings, middles and ends and well-thought out characters. They want to be able to believe in your characters and root for (or against) those characters. They can detect your writing ability better if it is in a completely original script (because if they're reading a Star Wars script you wrote, they already know the characters, so it doesn't really indicate whether you can create and write a well-developed character of your own). Anyway, that's the old timer's comic industry lesson for today... write on! :)
  • i'm gonna have to be your friend , waving your fists at me !
    plus your the queen of naboo.
    who can argue??...
  • Ah, that explains it. And here I thought maybe you wanted us to start calling you Cassy-us Clay! :D
  • hi queen!
  • I've written both humor and adventure stories. I like them both, but I lean more toward humor. Ultimately though, it depends on the characters. I'd welcome the opportunity to work on a super-hero story if the concept and characters had "meat" to them, and am actually co-developing a series along those lines. How about you?
  • Wow---I see you're ready to give us the "right hand of fellowship" (followed by a quick left) from your photo!

    Blessed are the peacemakers, remember?! ;)

    Best regards,
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