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Spectrum by Bryan Mero

So I've finally finished my next ebook. It's called 'Spectrum' and it's about a group of college students who accidentally discover how to look into the spiritual dimension...and don't realize who or what is looking back...

This is the story that inspired our Spirit Knight comic book series.

Here is a coupon code: DN99C save 33% on a smashwords purchase

You can purchase from Smashwords directly or search for it on iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles and most places that sell ebooks. Please share with your friends! Purchase for your summer trips!


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My Novel is now available on

I've been working on a story for a long time...started as a short story and turned into a novel. It's called "Clouds of Thunder" and it follows the legend of the Thunderbird...from the past and in the present. is a new way to publish your works online for e-books and with the right format you could be part of their premier catalog and be available to iTunes, Amazon and more!

Anyway...please check out my book, there's a free preview of 50% of the story...hopefully you can afford the $2.99 to download the rest. Please leave comments for a writer, this is my artwork.

God Bless,


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Indy Comic Book Week

Comic book shops across the USA will be lacking comic books the week between Christmas and New Years. Diamond will not be shipping any new titles that week.Some stores will have empty shelf space and would rather have it filled if possible. We are able to have Spirit Knight in one comic book shop that week. They let us set the price, they will write a check for any that they sell and when the week is over, either give us back the issues not sold or buy them for half off the retail price. That's a pretty good deal.Please check with your local comic book shops and see if they would have room for your published comic!Here's a website to help you out:
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It a bit over a month but I finally got it posted! I really wish I had the talent to draw like most of the folks here on the CCAS...I might be able to post things faster.Sam is on the highway again but takes a unexpected turn to a beach town of Lost Cove...nothing but a sleeply little town right? No way! Underneath the waves is something sinister!Check it out!
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Even though our 4 issue mini-series is done for Spirit Knight, we want to keep Sam's story alive. I will be adding a monthly journal entry for Sam and include artwork from guest illustrators...if your interested in contributing, please let me know.Take a look at Sam's latest journal entry called "Knight at the Museum" with guest artist Rich de Guzman. let me know what you think!
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Casting Call in Sacramento!

I know this is a little off topic but this could be a really cool opportunity for someone you know...or it could be you! My friend is helping to get a casting call together of at least 100 spread the word!We're looking for several Teens and Adults that want to be extras in an upcoming movie. This is a Screen Actors Guild film so it would be a great experience. You will need to be at the Sacramento Film Festival on 24th St. between 2-4 this Saturday where the casting is being done. E-mail my friend Troy for details if you are interested, subject=EXTRAS.God bless!
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Hi Everyone,Wow, what a great and tiring weekend. I always forget how much work it is going to a convention. WonderCon shouldn't be as hard since it's right in our backyard of San Francisco, so I can only imagine how tough it was for Ralph Miley and Peter Gonzalez to make the trip.This was our best convention ever. Troy Gustafson (Artist) and myself (Writer) were approached by quite a few companies talking about converting our comic to downloadable content for the iPhone/iTouch, 3-D storyboards and potential pitch material for video game makers, tv and movies. That kind of blew us away but that is our goal. We want Spirit Knight to be converted to a live action or animated tv show or movie. We attended an after party on Saturday night with a group that promotes comic books to movies...they brought The Mutant Chronicles to a movie studio and now the movie is about to be released. We pray God will open the right doors for us.Troy and I were also interviewed by a film crew from Australia. They are making a film about the comic book industry and wanted some independent comic book publishers...we were happy to give our opinions and comments. The documentary will probably be done by the fall called "A Comic Affair".It was great to meet Ralph Miley and Peter Gonzalez. Ralph wants to take some of our stuff to Comic-Con...I'm all for that! I'd love to go down to Comic-Con this year and pay Ralph and the team a visit, God willing. Ralph said the density of people sometimes rivaled Comic-Con in San Diego...nice to hear...we are hoping to reach as many people as possible. Peter was there at his first convention and it brought back memories of our first time 5 years ago. It's a little scary and overwhelming at first but once your find your message about your book, God will bring the people to your table. Peter does some great work and will hopefully be back next year.I posted some pictures online: a look and enjoy some cool moments, costumes and Spirit Knight superfans!Bryan
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Spirit Knight issue #4 - Devil's Canyon is almost finished! Myself and artist Troy Gustofson are planning to go over the final edits this weekend and then its off to the printer. For those of you not familiar with our story, Spirit Knight is the story of Sam, down and out, backslid Christian that has given up on everything and everyone...but God hasn't given up on Sam! Sam is a hesitant recruite into a spiritual/physical battle happening before his own eyes. Sam has choice...join the war vs. Satan's demon seed...or do nothing at all. What would you do?You can find more info about us at our website: and you can take a look at a preview of each issue here: (including issue 4).We really want to bring this story to a mainstream audience. WonderCon has been a great way to deliver the story in a non-confrontational way...some of our biggest fans are non-Christian and we hope that through our stories they come to see the love God has for them.Thanks for all the support! I hope to see you at WonderCon!-Bryan Mero
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UPDATE: We didn't make the cut for ComiCon but we are excited to get ready for WonderCon in Feb of 2009. Keep us in your prayers. UPDATE: We are on the short waiting list for Comic Con this July...if we do get the call it will be quite the miracle just to find a place to stay since most hotels are booked up already. If it doesn't happen we'll be happy to go to WonderCon in 2009 and have a Spirit Knight blowout weekend!

UPDATE: As I posted on the main page...WonderCon is out this year...our goal now is to get accepted into Comic-Con this July! A small press submission comittee must first approve of our artwork and story before letting us have a table. Space is limited. Pray that our story and artwork will agree with them and we will be invited. WonderCon is great since it's so close to home...but Comic-Con is the big dance! Pray that we get this great opportunity!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you the latest about Spirit Knight. I'm planning on posting my experience from WonderCon 2005 and 2006 but wanted to start off with our latest WC last March.

Let me tell you a little bit about our story. Sam had it all...and lost it all. He's on the edge of ending his own life when events arise that puts him out on the street with no where to go and no one to turn to. As I've heard and experienced many times, "God's rarely early, but he's never late." Sam meets the Archangel Micheal, who recruites him into service. Sam is reluctant but is reminded in his dreams of his childhood commitment to God. Sam's mission is to find and destroy shape changing demons that are now roaming the earth. That's almost as hard as re-kindling his own faith in God. Spirit knight is a four issue mini-series that will be wrapped up this winter in time for WonderCon 2008 with our latest issue "Devil's Canyon."

Troy Gustafson and I are partners at Red Machine Comics. Troy does the artwork (you wouldn't want to see mine :-) and I'm the writer. I wrote four issues three years ago and have been updating each issue as we move forward. Spirit Knight #3 "Return of the King" has been our most successful so far. As in past Cons, we had comic books, t-shirts, free Bibles and this year our big addition was Elvis Glasses. We also gave away our first issue. I had a great printing deal a couple of years ago that gave us thousands of copies of Spirit Knight #1. We decided to give it away to anyone walking by. If the sign for FREE Bibles or Elvis Glasses didn't stop them...the free comic at least slowed them down. We then sold issues 2 and 3 for a low $5 and gave them a free pair of Elvis glasses or T-shirt (their choice) and offered them a free Bible and 11x17 poster. We offered to sign anything for free and they always left our table pretty happy. Most tables charge over the top for almost everything. We offered our t-shirts for $5. They could get all three issues for $5 and pick up free items even if they didn't buy an issue. The best part was talking to people and telling them our story and who we are. Most people were impressed that "Christians" would be in a place like the Con. I always thought Christians need to be outside the four walls of the church...that's where we can be our most influencial.

I e-mailed our table neighbors in our row a week before the Con. That really broke the ice once we got there and they already knew who we were. It really left an impression on Dale Murphy who kept going on and on about how nice we were to anyone who would listen. We also had other folks seeking us out, reminding us of last year and wanting an update on us and our story.

I've gone on and on and couldn't put everything we did to words...mostly, the most important part of this experience was just being there. Yes, we actually made money, praise the Lord! We paid for the table and paid for our print run. I just want to encourage those Christian artists, publishers, etc. to take the extra step to attend your local comic book convention. We had many opportunities to share our faith with other Christians, aethiests and everything in between. The main question asked was, "Are you guys religious or something?" Our token answer was that we are Christians and we deal with physical and spiritual struggles in our comic. That usually started a spirited conversation. Remember, alot of comics out there deal with demons, satan and other unholy things...we give them a different perspective. We give them the anti-Spawn...the Christian Constantine...coming from the perspective of what would really happen if an Angel stopped you in a dark alley. I've gotten off the main subject of the paragraph, but I think being able to speak face to face with someone, unashamed of your faith, in the belly of the beast (that would be San Francisco), shows courage and faith that people are looking for.

Overall it was our best Con so far and we hope we can make the big show, ComiCon, next year if God allows the time and funds to attend. Until then, we will be at WonderCon 2008 in February. Any and all prayers would be appreciated as we work on our final chapter.

I posted a few photos from WonderCon 2007 but here is more for you to chew on over at our website:

I'd love to hear about your experiences. Ups and downs, highs and lows would be interesting to take as examples of good or bad things to do at the Con. I would definitely encourage people to attend more shows in the future. People are looking for something different...I think we all have something awesome to offer and let God take care of the rest.


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