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  • I just wanted to add my aspirations or dreams right now would be to design a graphic novel or comic perhaps on imagining and illustrating stories like what the very beginning of the world looked like and visualize how God created it before there was man, I've also always wanted to illustrate the great betrayal of Lucifer followed by the climatic battle of the Angels leading up to the great fall of Lucifer and his followers, and perhaps even illustrate my own interpretation of Revelation. I guess you can say I have a bit of an edge to my works, Ive always imagined what these moments would look like.
  • Thanks so much for the warm welcome Brien, very appreciated brother, very humble and grateful to be here. I've been looking for a place like this and God has provided, I'm currently unemployed and receiving VA benefits on medical discharge from prior service in the U.S. Army after 12 yrs. I do freelance work and commissions on the side and up until recently I feel my art served no purpose but self gratification. Artistically and spiritually I feel God has fueled my spirit and imagination to further his message and kingdom in ways I never dreamed of. My plans are his plans and where he wants to move me.
  • Oh yes I'm very familiar with the space trilogy. As a matter of fact one of the main characters on the comic I working on I named Jacob Clive Ransom, kind of as a nod to Elwin Ransom and CS Lewis. I'm a huge fan of the space trilogy especially the Hideous Strength. Sadly I've only read them in Russian (because my family and I have been missionaries to Russia for the past 20 years), last time I was in the States I couldn't find the Space Trilogy even in the Christian book store, however I was able to get my hands on Pilgrim's Regress). As to the theological essays I too found them to be not an easy read, however audio books of the essays aren't too bad. My Lewis books are the Hideous Strength, the Last battle and the Screwtape Letters.

  • Hi! Thank you for the warm welcoming. I'm glad you like my artwork. Are you one of the sites admins? 

  • Wow, thank you. I've hardly really even gotten my profile up yet. I'm surprised you found me so quickly. Are you one of the admins?
    Nevertheless, I'm glad you like my artwork. Thanks for welcoming me into the group.

    My anthro style as you may or may not be able to tell is primarily influenced by the ever so popular "Sonic The Hedgehog" style. But as opposed to most people who are able to copy that style perfectly, (usually for the purpose of creating fan characters) there were certain elements that just never felt natural to me when drawing. I guess your hand learns as much about style as to develop, as your brain does. 

    I guess I ended up infusing my normal human style into it and vuala, my own version came out. Which is good because I wouldn't want to just copy someone else's work. Especially if I'm not actually drawing Sonic characters. 

    Great that you like it. I'll be sure to post some more on here, now.

  • hi how are you

  • Thanks Brien! I've spent years looking for a well organized christian art/comic community. I've been online for 19 years and it looks like the internet is finally connecting everyone.

  • Thank you for adding me to the group.

  • Thanks for the feedback Brien. You're really awesome at drawing animals. I love the expressions and poses you use in your artwork.

  • Thank you very much for the warm welcome Brien!

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