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  • Thank you Brien Sparling nice to meet you XD

  • Brien,

    I never made it in the newspapers, um..., yet :-), but I have had my cartoons republished in a variety of magazines and publications across the country. I've haven't shown my more right wing, libertarian cartoons on this site, but I do have an online audience that eats it up on my blog. As far as it paying the bills, I still have to pull in design and illustration jobs to supplement.

    However, since 2006, I've drawn over 200 cartoons, so I'm starting to try and collect them into anthologies to self publish and sell as collections to these devoted fans. That's the big project I'm working on right now and I'm almost finished putting it all together. I'll definitely press release on this site when it is done.

    As in all things, I'm searching for God's direction. I'm also passionate about my fine art (, which also doesn't make much money and eats into time I could be spending on my cartoons. Yet, I have a very specific purpose of using my fine art to promote the joy of Christ, so I keep working at it, leaving me torn between that and my cartoons, and having to work on layout jobs to pay the bills. Wherever God wants to lead me, I'll go, but at this time, I haven't really figured out which it should be.

    Regarding my health, God has been good. While my disease is auto-immune and incurable, I've been able to manage it enough to be able to have a fairly normal life. There are some limitations, but rather than focus on what I can't do, I'd rather succeed with what I can do, especially through Him, who gives me strength. If I accomplish much, it'll be because of what He's done for me and through me. This disease is my thorn and He whispers to me, "My grace is sufficient for you."

    And you? How's California this time of year?



  • I do see my "scattered brain as a gift, as God is the one that can focus it on what he want me to do. Thanks for the Welcome.

  • Thanks for the welcome! I appreciate the critique from a fellow artist on my art. I'm currently creating my very own comic series. It's like a spiritual twilight zone. Congratulations on completing your novel! As a fellow writer I know the process is long. Have you looked into self-publishing? I heard from word of mouth that's the way to go. You get more out of your creations.
  • I am by no means an authority on Facebook. I have a profile there, but only visit once every month or two. However, I've noticed that 'friending' someone is a way to communicate directly to them where remarks are not public. I suppose 'friending' is not all that necessary when there is nothing to hide.
  • My apologies Brien but I am not an admin &in fact have not been on the site in over a year & 1/2. Wish I could be more help.

This reply was deleted.