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  • hello,i new mamber in this group.Maybe i will ask many question.Thanks u

  • Seeking comic reviewers.  I am the comics editor at Presently, I get comics from Image/Top Cow, Red 5, TopShelf, and occasionally Boom Studios.  You also have free reign to submit reviews of any comics not on the list.  The reviews is looking at the mainstream with a spiritual point of view.


    If you love comics, and would like to review, you can contact me at

  • Thanks, I appreciate it man!
  • That goes both ways bro, if you ever need help with something let me know.
  • No prob! I'm glad it was helpful. Hopefully by year's out I'll be able to send out a script of a mini-comic and get some feedback myself. If I can help support in any other way, let me know.
  • Hey Justin,

    Thanks For Reading LOL! Thanks for your constructive comments, they really helped and I'll look into the things you pointed out. I gave comix tribe a quick glance and I have to thank you for showing me such a useful website ( I subscribed and everything lol ). Again thanks a lot man. :)

  • Hey Josue,


    Thanks for sharing your work! I'll preface this by saying that I'm new to scripting as well, and trying to learn the ropes as I work on my first comic. Here's a few general thoughts on the script:


    (1) Overall I think you're off to a good start. I think your scripting format works well, and you give good information in your panel descriptions.I'm interested in what's going on, and where you're taking the characters.


    (2) In terms of the dialogue, I would suggest maybe breaking up some of the characters' speaking parts. I think some places you may want to consider doing this is with the kid's words in panel 2 of the first page, and some of Derek and Bret's speaking parts.


    (3) Make sure to edit the scripts for spelling and grammatical errors. Aside from the few spelling and punctuation issues, It seems like the word "not" may be missing from the panel 5 description on page 1 (i.e., should it read "trying not to get dragged by the monster?").


    Just a few thoughts. God's blessings on your comic, and I hope this helps.


    P.S. I find this very helpful when working on my scripts. I'm sure you will as well:


    The Proving Grounds : ComixTribe
  • Writing this comic and would love to share it with you guys, read it and tell me what you think. :)
    Real Life/ Real Horror # 1 Excerpt
    Hello and God Bless, I'm writing a new comic, REAL life/REAL horror. Right now I'm still in a development stage, barely writing my first d...
  • Right now i am trying to get all of my stories in a "Treatment" type of organization.  That includes gathering all my notes out of my various writing journals, and all the stuff I have on my laptop, and get my stories together.  I like to cross genre's in my stories.  Usually, I like to have a secondary character be a Christian and have him/her lead by example and lead the main character to Christ or conversion--or even towards serious contemplation on why become a Christian.  They find out that the prayer, or life example of their friend, convinces them to either convert or not.  That is usually the secondary story line.  God is always the solution, but not everybody comes to the same conclusion.
  • Hello Paul, it's nice to meet you! What are you working on?
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Alternate Batman origins

Hi, everybody:I have an idea for a character, The Raven, who is a crimefighter in the same vein as Batman, a grim ruthless hunter of the night, though he's only in his late teens. Im a little lost on how to make him that mean without using the same origin, which I obviously don't want to do. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks and God Bless.

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I need help with a name.

Hi, everybody!Could anybody help me develop a name for a character? I have a character in mind for my Arabian Nights/ humor themed comic book. The type of character is the bully who won't come out and fight, but will instead scheme against and lie about the hero, while instigating others to fight them physically, sort of like Cliff Carmichael in the first run in Firestorm. He's arrogant, condescending and a coward, but you can't hit him without making it look like he's telling the truth.In my…

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Hi, everybody:I have a question for the forum: Some of you might remember that I was here a while back looking for help in naming various snack food items (thanks again). Now, we (I think) are fairly close to being ready to manufacture them. My question is: Would product placement in what we're doing be appropriate? What do you think?

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HELP! I need to know how to Blog!

Help! Recently, some friends and I built a website for music groups in my area. When we went to publicize our site, we were told we needed a blog to attract attention. After several efforts, we were told our efforts were insufficient to draw the needed attention. Can anybody help us?

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