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  • Hello to you all, I have joined the writers group hoping to share and commune with other Christian writers.  That sounds a little stiff.  It is not meaning to be.


  • Hello everyone,

    I just joined the group, and I look forward to connecting with folks sharing information/ideas about projects, as well the writing process. I'm new to this writing thing, so I'm looking for a solid support network.


    I'm currently working on two projects, one focuses on teenagers with unique abilities (Lightweightz), and the other is a collaboration with Earnest Graham (priest and graphic novelist) about the life of the Apostle Peter.


    You can learn more about the projects here: Take care and God bless!

  • FaithStar is looking for writers, Who can write superhero style comics with a VERY STRONG religous component.


    If interested email:


  • Hey Penny, I'm the same way. In fact I always say I learned to draw so I could draw the stories I was making up! When I worked for Archie, we could submit our stories one of two ways. Either we could type it up in script format, or we could draw it out on copy paper. 98% of the time I chose drawing it out. I love to write but I also love to draw!
  • I don't know what you guys use to write your stories, but I found a great open source (i.e. "free") writing program called Celtx ( It has templates for writing all kinds of stuff, from comic books to screen plays, and more. Just wanted to pass that along for whatever it's worth.
  • Just joined. Very excited to see and share on this site. I love to write and because I draw I always visualize my story. But I need help getting it started and hope to learn from here. :)
  • just signed up. new writer, working on my first script. eventually will need an artists, so very blessed to have found this site. keep me in prayers as i put the story down on paper.
  • Currently working on two stories. I don't quite know what form they will ultimately take on. One I'd like to illustrate or possibly do as a full blown graphic novel. The other is most likely to be a 'mini' novel for teen/young adult readers. As these are my first serious works, does anyone have advice/inexpensive resources to help me along my journey. Thanks for your time, and may God bless you today!
  • I got several cakes in the oven; nevertheless, I just finished a childrens book that God willing will be able to publish begining 2010. (My first book ever) All prayers are graetly apreciated.
  • Hey everyone,

    I've got the mail list up for the newsletter for my novel Unremembered Loss.

    Go sign up so I will know that someone cares.

    Thanks for your support and prayers.

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Alternate Batman origins

Hi, everybody:I have an idea for a character, The Raven, who is a crimefighter in the same vein as Batman, a grim ruthless hunter of the night, though he's only in his late teens. Im a little lost on how to make him that mean without using the same origin, which I obviously don't want to do. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks and God Bless.

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I need help with a name.

Hi, everybody!Could anybody help me develop a name for a character? I have a character in mind for my Arabian Nights/ humor themed comic book. The type of character is the bully who won't come out and fight, but will instead scheme against and lie about the hero, while instigating others to fight them physically, sort of like Cliff Carmichael in the first run in Firestorm. He's arrogant, condescending and a coward, but you can't hit him without making it look like he's telling the truth.In my…

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Hi, everybody:I have a question for the forum: Some of you might remember that I was here a while back looking for help in naming various snack food items (thanks again). Now, we (I think) are fairly close to being ready to manufacture them. My question is: Would product placement in what we're doing be appropriate? What do you think?

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