HELP! I need to know how to Blog!

Help! Recently, some friends and I built a website for music groups in my area. When we went to publicize our site, we were told we needed a blog to attract attention. After several efforts, we were told our efforts were insufficient to draw the needed attention. Can anybody help us?

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  • Thanks, you are so kind. The hardest quest is to keep the weiting down to 500 words. And there are templates and for ulsrs that Shelley has free for that plus the system to write 20 minutes a dah and get great results. I like to add an illustrated brand character to my blogs at the heading. Keep them and you will have a few 'short books' at firsg and them later regular books to self publish fast and free on Smashbooks for ebook and Createspace for hard copies that are printed and sent out on demand. You can get them formated for $5-$40 each on Fiverr or the another super helper whose name I can not remeber this early before my vitamin drink. Oh!
    jones. He has you tubes explaining and showing how to format your books easily and fast in power print. Here to serve. You can make blog on one side of age and the illustration on other side but drawing onky as an adult coloring book. Merry Christmas. iff to do my store resets in the Applachain mountians. excuse my typos
  • Thanks. You've all been very helpful. I will definitely check out Miss Hitz and see what she has to say, though I may have to pick this up after the holidays. Thanks again and God Bless You.

  • Wordpress is decent for blogs, write a blog post about something you're passionate about that is a hotbutton issue maybe, then share it to Facebook and make sure you put in tags at the bottom in your FB post. It should give you room for about 30 tags usually, but the first 15 i think was what i read, are the ones that put it in the algorithm, so they're the most important in reaching your target audience.
    I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but it seemed to me that when i add a bunch of relevant tags to my own FB posts then i get more comments/reactions from strangers. I got the most traffic when i commented on some Buzzfeed threads, but i don't like that site very much and "they" are an unforgiving crowd, kinda. Also i don't do the traditional website thing, just social media basically.
    A 5$ FB ad can reach alot of people in your area, too, but it's not a guarantee for traffic. I'm no pro, and i haven't invested a whole lot of time into publicity because most of my recordings aren't really up to snuff, so i don't have alot to publicize. It's not easy to do in good conscience, but it's possible to evoke reactions from people without being rude- i've found that it's a surefire way to get people commenting. Hope that helps. You can listen to and download a gaggle of our tracks on Soundcloud and also download our earlier EP "Revelation Station" for free from NoiseTrade, which was also co-founded by another Christian artist, Derek Webb, who happens to have some pretty catchy tracks of his own. I'll drop links to our stuff right below, and of course, any comments you leave or downloads you take are much appreciated!

  • Check out Shelley Hitz, a Christian who dedicates to helping Christian writers of ALL thpes. She has podcasts. Check out her lists. And great about providing templates and free coaching on line.
  • The thing that will get you publicity is to have your site ranked high by the search engines, like Google. One of the best ways to do that is to have regular, new content. You can post updates to music groups, album releases, commentary on other sites/blogs, etc. Keep up a regular posting of new things and that will raise your profile.

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