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  • Greetings all! I am excited to announce that The Good Soldier, my one shot action/drama comic on forgiveness and redemption is available on Indyplanet for only .99 on digital and 2.99 for print. Here is the link and please leave a review:

    Thank you and God Bless for your support!
    Greg Granderson Comics | IndyPlanet
    Reformation Cartoons!
    Some claim to be Sola Scriptura... OTHERS truly are. Do YOU let Scripture interpret Scripture? -or are you of those who pool ignorance and opinions…
  • How do you sign up?
  • Hello everyone! Really excited to be part of this group! Wanted to share the link to my original story. Please check it out if you get the chance and let me know what you think! Be blessed

  • Oh, and here's the link by the way.

    Legend of the Sabent Sword
    Born a cursed child, young warrior, Grando, is faced with the decision to either accept what plagues him, or free himself from this evil within. Si…
  • Hello everyone!  I'm very pleased to find a Christian based group for comics.  I've always had a passion for comics and recently a few years ago started to take interest in putting Christ all up and through the story and it has done nothing but improve the plot substantially!  I've currently got my comic up on webtoons but its so saturated with content that is hard to even get feedback.  We are also building our own website to help eliminate reader distractions from other content.  Anyway,  I'm new to the site and would be pleased to know how its reading.  The pacing, the art, the background character designs etc. And I'm more then happy to return the favor to anyone who wants me to read their comic.  Thanks all. 

  • Hi Justin, I'm interested in giving you feedback and I really hope I'm joined by others, since we could all benefit from multiple viewpoints. I will message you.

  • Hello everyone.  I just stumbled on this group.  This year I started a futuristic theological sci fi web comic, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing.  I would welcome any advice from the veteran webcomic'ers out there.  Thank you and God bless! (Link to comic below)


    D.LOP Comic - Home
    The story begins
  • Just joined. I have been doing galatianman since 2010. I own a custom screenprinting business (t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, etc... all wearables) that is called Art Newvo, Inc. since 1990. I named my business after my comic strip that I did in college when I was the layout editor for the newspaper. I have bee a certified teacher trainer in Evangelism Explosion (EE) since 1996. My comic is mainly about the evangelist Art Newvo (galatianman) along with his 2 friends Weed & Angus and their adventures in Babylon.

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Active Webcomic Creators

How many active webcomic creators do we have on here? Can you comment with your comic's name and a link to the site? Also, please mention when you post (Mondays, Fridays, first of the month, etc). I have an old webcomic, my first issue of Plasmatic, which I am not currently posting on. Working on issue #2: Thanks! Tom

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Dycomics- Christian Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Wow, great be here and meet everyone! I guees i should introduce my webcomics since that is why we are all here!I have two working christian webcomics at the moment. Check out our Facebook for updates, links to the comic and contests! Tomes - A fantasy action adventure about a young paladin anmed Dron Hahmer and the adventures he has with a disgraced barbarian prince, a looney elf Tinker who is as likely to blow herself up as the enemy, a wealthy and…

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