Who created Jesus of Nazareth?

The editors of the DC Comics Database are trying to find out who was the creator of Jesus of Nazareth (New Earth). Is anyone willing to wade into a theological viper's nest and tell them who created Jesus, lol?

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  • Anyway, back to the topic.

  • @Jotham:  I don't know about the DC book; sounds more like something their Vertigo line might have done (which seems to be getting phased out, and some titles integrated into the DC line).


    @Nathan:  You score big points for replying with a very cool head this time, so my hat's off to you.  What I wrote could have really rattled someone, but not you in this case---and I'm very glad.  Briefly about John Calvin:  he was a Catholic priest who, after his alleged conversion to Christ, had 32 people murdered for not going along with his ideas.  Glad you're not a Calvinist, but am baffled at those who would adhere to tenets under his name.  Yes, it's good to have a healthy degree of skepticism, to question things, to check out all available facts, but in the end there are some things which only the Holy Ghost can reveal to one whose heart and mind are open to Christ the living Word, and what He has for us in the written Word. 

    "What is so special about Israel?  How or why are they more important to God than any other people?" 

    A very legitimate question.  The apostle Paul's letter to the believers in Rome addresses that.  Romans 3:1 begins with the question, "What advantage then has the Jew?  Or what profit is there of circumcision?"  He goes on to answer that in the following verses.  Be encouraged to prayerfully read them. 

    Look at what is happening right now.  All of the Arab nations are being violently shaken with civil war and terrorism, but all is quiet in Israel.  Doesn't that strike you as peculiar?  As something of a privilege in the midst of such turmoil in the region?  We know from the Scriptures what inevitably must take place in the Middle East, but we're seeing the setup right now.  Russia certainly has a hand in Syria, and Iran and even China have spoken up should the U.S. intervene with a military strike.  Ezekiel 38 speaks of Gog (whom many scholars believe to be the Antichrist), the chief (Rosh in Hebrew, or Russian) prince of Meshech (the ancient name for Moscow).  The U.S. isn't even a major player in Revelation, so it is likely that we'll see complete economic collapse here at some point (and an imminent government shutdown seems to indicate that could begin as early as mid-October).  I would be delighted to be dead wrong about this, but it is no error to prepare one's heart and to "watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man" (Luke 21: 36).

  • I think I'll take this opportunity to get this thread back on topic.


    I don't think it would be useful to try and correct this wiki. It seems to be based on comics by people who don't care about Jesus or his death and resurrection. I'm not sure correcting the wiki with historical facts (Jesus died on the cross) and theological facts (Jesus was not created) would do any good.


    I have a question, though. Did DC really publish books in which Jesus was taken down from the cross while alive, vampires drank his blood and his death was disproven? If so, I might think twice before buying Batman books.

  • Sorry I type on a phone and don't have time to scrutinize what I'm writing. Regardless, I was not presenting an argument at first only suggesting a book. 

    So what if I have poor spelling? How does that effect validity of an argument? That doesn't follow.

    So what if Hank is a Calvinist? Hank is a Calvinist therefore he is wrong about Revelations? That doesn't follow.

    I consider myself a skeptic and evidentialist so I honestly don't hold to one view or another in an adamant way, I just want to learn more, question things, and arrive at truth. In fact I only said anything in the first place to spark conversation that could lead to growth. So in the interest of learning and growing let me ask you a question. 

    What is so special about Israel? How or why are they more important to God than any other people?

  • Truth be told, we all sit home and read comics (or have in the past)---or we wouldn't be on this forum. 

    Fact-checking is almost as important spellcheck when presenting an argument, and this forum indicates, by and large, that Christian comic fans are either (willfully) ignorant or lazy when it comes to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Don't even get me started on drawing skills...! 

    I know Hank Hanegraaff's writings well, as he was Walter Martin's successor as the Bible Answer Man.  Hank is a Calvinist, and filters everything through that purview.  Dave Hunt's What Love is This?  Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God sheds much light in this area.  In a nutshell, Calvinism denies John 3:16 (that God so loved the world...), asserting that God only loves the elect, and that all others never even had an opportunity for salvation.  In order to push this philosophy, certain Bible verses must be altogether ignored. 

    Lastly, "nucular"? 

    Spellcheck, amigo.  It only takes a few seconds.  There's no excuse with the technology at hand. 

  • First, Let me say I don't appreciate you calling out my spelling, that is a petty way to respond and I hope you don't treat all brothers in Christ that way. 

    Second, I didn't offer up evidence bc I was merely suggesting a book. If you would like to see Hanks views (which I highly suggest you do) you can check out which you will see I'm not just "alleging" anything.

    Third you are taking things like nucular events and doomsday clocks and reading them into your view of the Bible.

    Fourth That's all I was offering, a view, its important to consider opposing views I think

    Last I don't just sit at home and read comics, that is a poor assumption of what I do and how I live.

    Hope all is well Brother, don't mean to be heated,This is a secondary matter compared to The salvation that comes through Christ Alone and being part of God's family! :)

  • Well, Nathan, you didn't even spell Hank Hanegraaff's name right, let alone provide any compelling evidence for why we should believe what you allege Hank to have written, as opposed to what the Bible clearly states in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and other like passages.  The word rapture comes from the Latin word rapio when means "to seize, snatch, or take away."  The New Testament was originally written in Greek, so the word used in 1 Thess. 4:17 is harpadzo which is translated as "caught up" in the King James Version. 

    When Jesus said in Matthew 24:34, "This generation will not pass until all these things be fulfilled," He was referring to either believers in general, or to the Jews in particular---and the devil has attempted to destroy the Jews numerous times throughout history so as to make God out to be a liar---which He can never be.

    Did the disciples think the return of Christ would be imminent?  Surely.  Every subsequent generation of believers has thought so, too---but none of them after A.D. 70 have had an important requirement for prophetic fulfillment until the Jews came back to their homeland in 1948 as the nation of Israel.  No other people group which had been conquered and displaced has ever retained their cultural identity and language for more than 300 years except the Jews---and their diaspora (scattering) lasted for over 1,900 years!  It is truly a miracle, a picture of resurrection, that they would be back in their land, using the same language contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the present day.  Who can overthrow the plan of God? 

    I have read the entire Bible from cover to cover many times, and continue to read in it daily.  The prophet Daniel described 69 'weeks' (periods of 7 years) from the Divine call that went forth to rebuild the temple to Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday---and it was exactly 483 years to the day There remains one 'week' left, the 70th week, that final seven year period known as "the time of Jacob's trouble," or the Great Tribulation, when---after the rapture of the church---God's full attention is turned yet again to Israel. 

    Obviously, the events of Revelation (and Daniel, Zechariah, Ezekiel, and other prophetic texts) were not fulfilled in the first century, or else all sea life would have already died (Revelation 16:3).  These things are yet future, and may even speak of a global nuclear exchange.  The capability is there, and it's less than 'four seconds to midnight' on the atomic clock, according to secular scientists.  We're on the cusp of cataclysmic events.  Wanna stay home and read comics?  That may not be the best way to prepare one's heart (or to reach out to one's neighbors and co-workers).     



  • Hey, don't mean to hijack this post I've just been trying to study up on the "End Times" lately, and even though "the rapture" or disponsationalism is a popular belief, I don't see the scriptural basis for it. I would highly recommend the book Apocalypse Code from Hank Hanigraf. He very powerfully argues that the events described in Revelation are best read with illumination from the old testament instead of forcing present day events into the bible. And that the warnings were actually for the churches before the destruction of the Temple in 70AD and not for telling of present day events. Which is why Jesus uses words like Soon and Near for the events. And in Matthew he says this generation will not pass away before these events take place. Anyways just thought I could offer up a different viewpoint for consideration :)
  • Took a look at the link, and the drawing indicates a cowardly, defeated "Christ"---yet another distortion of Who the true Messiah is.  We've had millennia of misrepresentations of God in general and Christ in particular.  God is not mocked; what a man sows, he reaps.  I feel sorry for the artist and writer behind such distortions in this particular case at DC. 

    I used to work for DC's Piranha Press, Paradox Press, and Vertigo imprints.  Now I am very happy to be creating genuinely edifying material that openly and accurately proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what He has done in the lives of many people in various cultures, locales, and eras---all with the same, miraculously wonderful results.  Take a look for yourself:

    You'll never see such a clear, uncompromised message at DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, or any other secular comics I don't bother with them anymore.   

    Time is short, and I believe we don't have much of it left for soul-winning before the Rapture and the ensuing Great Tribulation---a literal hell on earth for seven years in which most of the known world is destroyed---before we return with Christ to rescue Israel from the armies of the Antichrist at Armageddon. 

    Best regards,


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